Trust (Harry Styles fanfic)

(COMPLETED) "When I try to forget him, the memories just keeps coming back. His curly hair, he's smile, and he's beautiful emerald eyes. Everyday he would say 'I love you'. But does he really mean it? Or is it just part of his little game? The moment I looked into those beautiful eyes, I knew that he was trouble the whole time. Ever since I found out about his little game, my world started falling apart. Who knew dating the most popular guy in school become a fairy tale, then could turn into a whole nightmare. I guess you really cant trust people here huh?"
This is a story about an innocent girl, named Lexi. She starts dating one of the most popular guy in school, Harry Styles, her whole life changes. But when she found out about Harry's 'Little Game', her world started to fall apart. Who knew dating the most popular guy in school would change her whole life.
Find out more on "Trust". (There are some chapters that contains mature content. please beware of that.)


3. Football game and a movie


Lexi’s P.O.V

The game is today, and I told my brother and Aunt Belle, that I’m going to hang out with Harry, after the game. My brother wasn’t very happy cause he was looking forward for us three to hang out. Well, at least Aunt Belle and I could watch him play.

Cody headed off to the field and we took our seats and we waited for the game to start. Jenny came and sat beside me.

“Hey I’m Jenny” Jenny said offering a hand to my aunt.

“Hey I’m Aunt Belle. You must be Lexi’s friend” my aunt said shaking her hand.

“So, what are you going to do after the game” Jenny asked.

“Going to hang out with someone”

“Who?” she asked.




“What? No!”

“Why?” I asked.

“Cause, you can’t trust him!” She yelled. She took a deep breath, “Let me tell you something,” she started. “You see Andrea over there?” She asked pointing at the short, blonde cheerleader. I nodded “Yes”. “Andrea and Harry dated, and broke up about a month ago. She made out with him, and then Harry just dumped her in front of everyone at the school”. “It’s just all part of he’s game. So, if I were you don’t even try to get closer to him”. She crossed her arms, I turned my head back in the court, and focused on the game.

The game had finally ended, and the guys won. Cody went to get changed. He came back, in a black tee-shirt, with a varsity jacket over it, dark blue jeans, and white converse. My aunt game him a hug, “Congratulations Cody!” They pulled away, and came up to me. “I guess I’ll see you later” Cody said. I said goodbye to Jenny, and waited for Harry.

Harry walked over to me, “ Hey, beautiful” he said.

“Hey Harry”

“You ready to go?” he asked.

“Yeah” I replied.

He put his arms around my shoulders, and went to his car.

Harry’s P.O.V

We got inside the car and I turned on the radio. And started to play, ‘Impossible by James Arthur’.

“Do you like James Arthur?” I asked.

“Uh yeah. He’s really awesome.”

We sang extremely loud,

“You have won so you can go tell them, all I know now. Shout I from the roof top. Write it on a skylight. All we have is gone now. Tell them I was happy, and my heart is broken. All my scars are open, tell them what I hoped would be, impossible,impossible,impossible,impossible”

“You have a really good voice” She complimented.

“Thank you” I said with a big smile.

From that, I got to know her more, and I started to think that I might actually really like her. She’s hot, gorgeous, and really sweet. We got to the mall, “Do you wanna watch a movie” I asked. “Sure” she said. We went to the movies and picked out the movie, ‘Love Actually’.

We took our seats, and the movie started. I put my arms around her, “Lexi,” I started. “You are a very beautiful girl” I said running my fingers through her soft wavy hair. She blushed, looked down, “thank you”. I lifted her chin up, and looked at her beautiful olive eyes. I leaned in closer, looked at her lips, and crashed my lips against hers. I kissed her passionately and she kissed back running her fingers through my curls.

After the movie, I parked near her house, and I opened the door for her. We walked over to the front door, but before she got in, I grabbed her arm, “Lexi, I really had fun tonight. I was wondering if, we could hang out again.” I asked. “Yeah sure” she said. I grabbed her skinny waist and kissed her again. We pulled away, and said our goodbyes.

Lexi’s P.O.V

I sat down in the couch beside Cody, and sighed. “So what did you?” Cody asked.

“Umm nothing. We just saw a movie”

“Really? Anything more?” he asked.

“No nothing more”

“You guys didn’t kissed or anything?”

“God damn it Cody! Could you just stop worrying about me?”

“I just don’t want you to get hurt” he yelled.

“Uhh!” I groaned and stormed off to my room.

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