want an imagine doing? well just comment who you want it with, your age height, name, hobby, favorite color, hair and eye color. if you want a certain place or have an idea then please share :))


2. Lauren's imagine. Liam Payne.

You walk into school. to find your best friend Liam sitting on the bench. as you walk over your whole face lights up as does his. "Heyy Lauren!" he smiled at you. you wave and walk over to him. "Happy Birthday." he hands you a small box with purple ribbon wrapped around it. you open it up to see a little Dancer on a necklace. you put it around your neck as you smile at him thankfully.   he also had tickets to go see a Hip-hop Concert that night. you reach over to hug him. he blushes and the bell rings you walk to class and think about tonight excitedly. 

*That Night.*

the Hip-Hop concert had just finished. they had some sick moves, the rhythm and the beat was fast but easy to learn.. as the songs were playing again and again in your head. as you walk into the brightly lit Ice cream parlor around the corner. Liam pulls you into a booth. it is tucked away at the back. as we order Liam asks if he could have a fork instead. the woman laughs then walks of to fetch your orders. You smile at him gratefully. as soon as your ice-cream came you wolfed it down. Liam started laughing at you. "What?" you said confused. "You have ice-cream on your nose." his strong muscular hand reached over the table as he wiped the ice-cream off. You sit gazing into each others eyes. this was the moment you had been waiting for. the moment you could tell him how you truly felt. but he broke the gaze and his hand dropped. You slumped back into your chair. you closed your eyes and let your thoughts run through you mind. you could feel somebody sitting next to you but you didn't react. then you felt a soft touch on your lips. you opened to see Liams lips just leaving yours. he blushed then smiled.  "Look" you both said at the first time. "You first" you said again. you giggled nervously as your light brown hair covered you face, like a sheet. He lifted your head with his fingers and you looked into his eyes. you could feel yourself melting inside. " I Love You. the way you laugh. your hair your eyes. your Dancing is sick! and i don't just want to be your best friend anymore. i want to be the last hand you hold. the last person you kiss. I want to grow old with you. i have been wanting to for a while. if you don't feel the same way i don''t care. you just need to know." a tears rolls down your cheek. you laugh for no reason. this makes him feel you were laughing at him. you put your hand on his. you lean in and whisper in his ear "i  love you too!" 

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