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1. Lucy's imagine. Niall Horan.

So you wake up to see a tub with a massive amount of money in it. you smile to yourself as you wake-up. your room is pretty light and the sun escaping through the gap between the curtains blinds you. you rub your eyes then slowly heave the top of your body up meaning you are sitting up. the bed head fells hard and lumpy behind your back. you swing your legs out of bed then pad downstairs.the kitchens bright colors hit you as you reach up. you grab four jars full of coins from the top of your fridge. you take them and chuck them onto your bouncy duvet. you then come down for the other 5. as you sit on your bed you count out the money. you find out you have. it totals to £300. you smile happily at yourself, as you slip into a floral frock with some over sized shades and sandals. it was warm out on your back as you walked down to the post office. As you come in they smile at you happily, "Here to swap some more money so soon?" Claire asks you. you nod excitedly and laugh as you were only in here last week with £500. you change it for notes and you go to back to the house. you change into some shorts, and a crop top. you leave your glasses on but slip into you high tops and knee high socks instead. You put the bundle of notes in your pocket as you walk down to the little shelter on the corner. The little man sat behind the counter smiles at you as you enter. you put the notes onto his desk and he slips it into. a special pot. you know no body is around. he hands you a little white envelope and you smile gleefully  you slip it into your handbag as you walk his little 'shop'. you had just given the 300 pounds to charity. you walk down the hill and fumble with your keys. you walk into and old mans house. you notice him dozing softly on the sofa. you walk into the kitchen to find your wage slip on the side.  You volunteer to help at an old peoples home. you occasionally go to old residents house' who are yet to go into the care home. but they give you money for it as you give most of it to charity anyway. after the elderly man has been bathed and had his medicine you walk out of the house. you lock the door and make your way back to yours.  A knock on the door surprises you. you look through the peephole. to find darkness. he must be covering it. as you open the door. a very smart looking man is stood in front of you. "Hi. Can i come in and chat please? its about the charity. ohh and there is a camera crew. you don't mind that do you? its just to get your thoughts across and it will be a documentary on the telly." You nod excitedly. "You will be paid." he adds as you lead him into the room. "No just send it straight to charity please?" he nods as you sit down. you look at him but more closely this time. his hair was out of place. his suit buttoned all the way up. his blue eyes looking familiar. "Soo..." you answer loads of questions about what you do, why, how you feel, what you do in your free time, how do you earn the money and how much on an average a week. you  stand up and he looks you in the eye. his Irish accent reaching your ears, but you don't react. suddenly. he takes off his suit to reveal some chinos and a large jacket. he starts to look more familiar. you start to freak as he takes of the wig to a set of lovely long, blonde locks. Niall Horan stood in front of you as you start crying with happiness. he pulls you into his arms and kisses your forehead. your knees buckle and you both fall onto the couch together. he walks out side to talk to you. the cameras following as you reach the pool. you sit at the side and talk about everything and anything. you both get up and stand by the waters ledge. you start to walk hand in hand as you fall into the pool. Niall stands at the side, laughing and still dry. you feel the impact of the water. you try to scream but you just gargle water. you start to loose consciousness. Niall looks worryingly at the side of the pool. he only takes his shoes of and jumps in after you. with your limp body in his arms he lays you on the side of the pool. your lips are turning blue and your eyes lolling. Niall press' his mouth to yours for CPR and pushes on your chest. he does this over and over but you don't move. until he puts his mouth back on yours. you splutter water coming up your throat. you sit up as the water comes out of your mouth. you smile and Niall whose piercing blue eyes are looking deeply into yours. 




Hey Guys! Did you like it?if you want one just look at the blurb and comment below!:)

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