Crazy in love with you

A cute and funny girl, Niki Higgins... yes, her dad is paul higgins the big manager of one direction. niki higgins isnt cute any more...shes smart and aggresive..

she came from africa well trained, but niki is still missing something, but not her dad.

her dad left her 2 years ago because of 1d.

but what if something happen to her... maybe love?


9. Chapter 8






After he left my room I started to think.

What would he show me?

What ?

Maybe a candy?

Or a teddy bear?

Or he will show me his dance of guitar?

Or show me his jewels?


Or he will start to kiss me with his plump and sweet lips, and suck my neck while I moan in his neck?

Oh shit... what I am thinking..

I need to get rid of those thoughts..



I jumped over my bed only to reach my phone, but on my luck I trip over and fall..

I stood there and laughing my pain of..

When i calm down, I went in bathroom to get ready for surprise.


I put on my red matching bra and knickers and a t shirt with letter N.

I love that reminds me on my name...Niki


So after all getting fixed, I hed down the stairs and look only Niall is there.

It seems that the boys are gone to sleep.


So it will be mine and Nialls night.


Nialls POV


After closing Niki's door, i hed in kitchen, but I stood in middle of living room and watching boys fall in sleep on couch.


I went to wake them up because I dont want to they get a pain when they woke up.

They seemed to be very tired because when i moved them they just look at me.

Go to bed, i am gonna fix the mess.


I didnt realize that room is in big mess, but I dont mind.

I just cant stop thinking about what I will show her.

It isn't secret, but i will keep it for my self.


When the boys got up in bed, I start to clean living room.

For about 10 minutes living room was now clean and fresh. 


So after all exhausting cleaning, I went in kitchen and make a sandwich.

There werent almost any food so I just put cheese and salad.

It was tasty so I eat it in sec.


When I was just to put cheese in fridge, Niki stand right next to me.

So what will you gonna show me?


Hmmm... you'll gonna love it.

I said in calm but sexy voice.


I knew it will hake her horny cause I hear her moan, but just I can hear it.

Damn it make me horny to.


She was just in her shirt with letter N.

I smirked at shirt and looked at her.

Ihe is so beautiful.


I start lean closer and closer when her lips, her soft and warm lips hit mine.

That kiss... no word.

She is so sweet arogant.


Her kiss was pasion and tense was going over us.

When she broke our kiss, she looked at my eyes. 

I can sense lust in her eyes smirking on me.

She saw that my pants got a little tent.


Now I took her waist and put it on her marble black table.

She started to unzip my pants and I took her shirt and tosed it al over the kitchen.

My heart was beating faster now.

I can sense tense between us.


When she was done unzipping my pants, I just shook them down the floor.

Niki just stared at my boner through my boxers.

I knew that she was staring so I took of my boxers.


She was in quite shock of my dick...she didn't expect seeing it so big.

Now she stood up and started kissing my jaw.


I could not let a moan, but I  cant control my self.

I feel her going lower and lower to my dick kissing my six pack....

I start to pull over her bra and she started to lick the tip of my dick.


She was so hot.



I start sobbing while she started to give me a blow job.

Her tongue going down and up licking every piece of my dick.

She goes now faster when I realize that i am about to cum.

I cum in he mouth and she swallowed it all.


I push her down and start to took her panties away.

Slowly and kissing her thigs.

She shivers down my kisses.


I know what girls like, but Niki was not like others.

She is special.


I put my head above her clit and massage it with my tongue.

Niki is now moaning of pleasure when I start to go deeper in her with my tongue.

Now I put two fingers in her and pull it up and down.

I could sense she  was about to cum so I pulled out.


Finally I posited me while i start to thrust in her.

My full length.


We need to keep it quite, the boys are sleeping.

I told her while slamming and thrusting in her.


We tried over 20 position and it was only make it better.

It passed 4 hours and we are now in bed.


She still sobbing of pleasure, I slammed in her last time before I cum in her.

I released everything I had and throw my self on bed.

This was the most amazing night in my life.






Hope you like it xoxo Nensika


sorry for not updating long... i will try to update soon.. 

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