Crazy in love with you

A cute and funny girl, Niki Higgins... yes, her dad is paul higgins the big manager of one direction. niki higgins isnt cute any more...shes smart and aggresive..

she came from africa well trained, but niki is still missing something, but not her dad.

her dad left her 2 years ago because of 1d.

but what if something happen to her... maybe love?


7. Chapter 6

After relaxing shower, i grab my bra and knickers.

My hair was still wet but i dont mind.


I unlocked the doors and heded down in kitchen.


While I was entering the kitchen, boys were staring at me.

The fuck are you looking.,,,my sexy tattoos..

I said when I tried to open Nutella jar.


They didnt say nothing, but someone was getting closer.

It was Niall.

Hey, you wanna to open that sweetheart?

He asked me senting shivers down my spine.

Yes please. 


I put my puppy face and gave him nutella.

He opened it like it was no big deal.


You are really strong.

I told him with my kinda sexy voice.

He just smiled at me.


Omg.. His eyes and body,..oh did I mention he was only wearing boxers.

He gave me the jar and moved my hair from my face.

His touch.. it was magnificent..

I never feel something like that,,. never.


He just smiled at me with his blue eyes piercing my brown chocolate ones.

After our staring contest, he went in living room.


God.. I almost didnt faint in front of him.


Niall POV

I saw Niki going down to kitchen.

I turn around and I cant stop staring at her beauty and her tattoos.


She mumbled something but I didnt hear her.

She went in kitchen, so I followed her.

She could not open the jar so I helped her.


When I was about to give her the jar she looked at me.

Her eyes, I could not stop staring in those  brownish eyes.

And her body..  I was getting a boner..

Shit I need to control myself.


I smiled at last and went back in living room where the boys were.

They were watching Toy story.. haha, Liam.


Soon after I walked of the kitchen, Niki sit just next to me.




Hope you liked it xoxo Nensika









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