Crazy in love with you

A cute and funny girl, Niki Higgins... yes, her dad is paul higgins the big manager of one direction. niki higgins isnt cute any more...shes smart and aggresive..

she came from africa well trained, but niki is still missing something, but not her dad.

her dad left her 2 years ago because of 1d.

but what if something happen to her... maybe love?


6. Chapter 5

Then the curly one who was naked few hours ago, interduce him self.

Hello, Im Harry. He said with cheeky smile.


Wow... his dimples.. cute.. though he was naked in my house.

He leaned in for hug so i gave him a big hug.

He smells nice.



A guy in stripes said loud while Harry was blushing.


omg... he is blushing because of


Harry was letting me go of hug when the guy in stripes came behind me and took me on his shoulder.

I was screaming loud: LET GOO OF ME YOU IDIOT.


He was caring me out side where pool was. 

In sec i thought that he wont throw me in pool but then he said: 

Hi I am Louis.

and then he throw me in pool.


While I was falling in pool I thought of an idea.

I am gonna stay in pool for a while because I can be in water like for 5 min..


I was in pool and staying there when they start to jump in water to search for me.

When they were jumping I escaped from pool and went in house.

I am watching them while they were going to panic .


So funny I thought when Harry looked at me.

He is mad.But still cute.


Then Zayn looked in Harry s direction and smiled at me.

Soon after they saw me.. They run in house from pool , still wet.


But when they tried to open door, they just looked at me with their puppy faces.

I closed the doors.. 

I just waved them and left living room.


I was going to bathroom when I heard that someone is entering in house.

I went in bathroom and closed the doors.

Boys runed to my bathroom and didn t stop knocking.


Hey Niki,,.. you dad said he needs to go somewhere so he let us stay here for 1 month.

Liam yelled while i was taking wet clothes from myself.

I seemed ok with that so I answer them 

Ok.. just please stop knocking on door... im naked.


I didnt hear nothing when i said that... Just foot steps that they are  going in living room.


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