Crazy in love with you

A cute and funny girl, Niki Higgins... yes, her dad is paul higgins the big manager of one direction. niki higgins isnt cute any more...shes smart and aggresive..

she came from africa well trained, but niki is still missing something, but not her dad.

her dad left her 2 years ago because of 1d.

but what if something happen to her... maybe love?


5. Chapter 4


Just after some time staring in each others eyes, the door burst open.

Guys are back.


I am still mad at them.How could they come to strangers house and make a big mess.

I was so pissed of. I almost didnt yell on them.

While they where entering with Paul, I gave them  a madd man an a kinda scary look.


They gave me look back, they were in shock.

After they saw me on Zayn, Zayn got up and heded with the boys in the room.

Thank god that they hed in guest room.


Paul just stand there in the middle of the room.

Niki im sorry for not coming back so l...

My dad..Paul was saying something when i said and cutting him of

Dont you dare to think i am gonna forgive you. You lost everything including me.

I started to yell as twice i can.


Boy were on staircases when i was yelling. They came down in living room and started to say that they are sorry.

What the fuck are you getting sorry for?

I asked them.


We wanted only him to be our manager, we didnt know that he had family.

The blondie one said.

So what... he could just called, and everything will be ok.I snapped at blondie.

After my snapping, everyone went silent.


I was kinda sorry for him.


The one with  buz hair came to me and interduce him self.

Hi  I am  Liam. 

I was looking him closely and i think that he is the one who is goodie.


Then the blondie came up.

Hello, im Niall.


He said in a little bit shy tone,  because he is scared of me what i yell back few min ago.


I pulled him in hug and told him to not be afraid at me, that i just snapped.

He moved away a little and i saw Zayn geting mad.


He was smirking at niall.

I can tell that Niall is the one who can make  a big, but BIG mess .





Hope you liked it.. XOXO Nensika

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