Crazy in love with you

A cute and funny girl, Niki Higgins... yes, her dad is paul higgins the big manager of one direction. niki higgins isnt cute any more...shes smart and aggresive..

she came from africa well trained, but niki is still missing something, but not her dad.

her dad left her 2 years ago because of 1d.

but what if something happen to her... maybe love?


4. Chapter 3

Zayn POV

Wow... this girl is so hot. i never saw girl like her.

And she has a tattos .


While we were cleaning ,I found a lot of interesant things  about her.

Shes 18... been in Africa for 1 year, doesnt like chocholate ice cream, but loves normal chocolate.


After cleaning the mess what guys did, i remembered that Niki kicked them out.

I called Harry and asked him where were he and the boys.



Harry POV

After girl left the place, we comfotable get in living room and made a mess.


I was walking naked around, while i heard doors opening.

I was so ashamed, I was standing in middle of living room while Niki was all watching us.

I stood there frozen until she yelled.


I run up upstairs and put on some chlothes.

While getting down i heard her saying who made the mess.

She was mad.

She was so mad that she kicked us of the house.

All of us, but Zayn was still in somewhere.


We  didnt want to stand there for hours so  we went shoping.

When we were resting in Nandos (Nialls idea),Zayn called me.


He said we can come now, but dont stress Niki.



Niki POV

While Zayn was talking to someone i went to my bed and found a camera. the old one and my favourite.

I got down and looked for Zayn.

He was outside smoking ciggarete.

So when he was smoking i took a pic of him.


He saw the flashlight and he turn of the ciggarete.

Oh ou... my mistake. I said while running away from Zayn.


He didnt really know the house and secret passages so I went in one in kitchen.

I heard him asking where am i.

he was so close, but so far.


When he was in front of cabinet, Iopen it  and accidently hit him in the balls.

I start laugh so hard that I endend on floor crying.


I got up of floor and faced up Zayn.

He smirked as I trided of escape of his strong muscluar hands.

So what about showing me your tatooes? He asked.


ok. ok. I responded to his qouestion and we go in living room .

He sat there on my lether sofa.


I gave him a signal to stand up, but he refuse so he grabed my hips and placed them on his legs.







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