Crazy in love with you

A cute and funny girl, Niki Higgins... yes, her dad is paul higgins the big manager of one direction. niki higgins isnt cute any more...shes smart and aggresive..

she came from africa well trained, but niki is still missing something, but not her dad.

her dad left her 2 years ago because of 1d.

but what if something happen to her... maybe love?


2. Chapter 1



                               While I was awakening  by the bell sound , I we heard  bird singing , outside on the trees.

I get up from worm and comfortable bed , went in the bathroom  and put some clothes on.


I put on a hoodie , wide and torn  jeans  and a black vans on blue skull.

Slow an sleepy I went to kitchen make my self a breakfast , but I tripped over skate  and I fall on my favorite white teddy bear.

As I get up , I shake my head and went down the stairs .


 I entered in spacious white kitchen with black gadgets. On the black marble table in the middle of kitchen was standing my cell. I took cell and sit in leather seat.

While I was playing same games on  cell I heard that someone was knocking on my door. I quickly get up and went to hall where are the mahogany door.


I opened the door and saw postman Pero.

’ Good day ms. Higgs’ he said with his deep and husky voice by giving me a letter.


‘ oh thanks Pero! ‘ I said with my kind but silent voice.


While he was leaving , he slowly smiled at me and sent a wink.


Pero Is my friend who came from Croatian, so I learn Croatian language. Very hard language but it has that thing.


 Closing the door, I go back to living room and I started to opening that letter.

It says it comes from Syco Records. It was familiar from somewhere, but I didn’t know from where. I open the letter an read it. I couldn’t believe it. I was so pissed of.  My own father who left two years ago reported me that he is coming when he finish some works with his bend.


In the letter he write  that he is coming for three days , but the letter was send three days ago. That means he is coming today. All angry me , I throw a colored glass vase on floor. It all broke on little parts.


After some time I calmed down and made a tasty chicken with fries. When I eat all that glorious food , I take cared for books who were by my opinion weighted over 20 kg.

I put my china in dishwasher and  moved my books in my DC bag. I went back to my art room. It was always so warm. In my room I draw an amazing drawings on wall and colored them.


They were in white-black stile.

Like my bed. On bed was silk sheets and white pillows.


I took my skate who was standing next to my laptop. I adore my skate so much like the stunts I made with.

I took my bag and headed to back doors when I heard that someone is locking the doors. I take the baseball bat and prepared for the worst.


 Slowly but big steps I went to open the doors. I opened  doors and look in my father Paul who I haven’t seen two years. Behind him there were standing 5 men. Five handsome and huge men opposite me.


­‘Niki !!’


 my dad talks to me with his soft voice but I didn’t care.


‘What are you want now?! Why did you come here?!’


 Hope you like it ... xoxo Nensika




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