The Hunger Games

This is for the tw weeks in Panem contest. But this is from Prim's point of view instead of Katniss'. Hope you enjoy!


2. Chapter Two

The crowd murmurs in disagreement.

I walk slowly and stiffly up the stes, past Katniss. "Prim!" Katniss chokes out. She reaches me and sweeps me behind her. "I volunteer as tribute!" She gasps out. Here's the thing, once a boy or girl's name has been called, a person between 12-18, of the same gender, can volunteer instead of the original person.

"Lovely, but I believe there's a matter of introducing the tribute and, um..." Effie Trinket trails off. "Let her come forward" Says the mayor.

I am screaming, and my arms are wrapped around Katniss. "You can't go!" I shriek. "Prim, just let go." She instructs. Gale comes and lifts me up, taking me away from Katniss. "Well that's the spirirt of the Games!" Effie says, pleased her district finally has some action going on.

Effie ask's for Katniss' name, and she shakily answers "Katniss Everdeen."  "And that was you sister, I'm guessing." Effie says. Katniss just nods.

No one claps, like usual once a tribute has come forth. Instead, everyone touches their three middle fingers of their left hand and holds it to Katniss. Haymitch wobbles over to Katniss to congatulate her. "You have spunk!" He shouts. Then he walks to the edge of the stage and says "More than you!" Pointing directly to a camera. Sddenly Haymitch fallsof the stages and passes out.

"Time to choose our boy!" Effie says as she walks to the boys' ball. "Peeta Mellark." She reads when she pulls out a slip. Peeta, a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, walks steadily to the stage. No one volunteers for him.

they mayor reads some boring speech and soon he plays the anthem of Panem.

As soon as it ends, Katniss and Peetaa are whisked away, into the Justice Building. A minute later, mother and I are allowed to go see her.

I hop on her lap, and she strokes my hair. She feeds us plenty of instructions, basically all of them for my safety. "Listen to me. You ca't leave again." Katniss says to mother. "You have to stay with her this time. Whatever you see, you have to promise you'll help Prim." She keeps yelling at mom, and mother backs away. "I'll be alright, Katniss." I say. "But you have to be careful too. Maybe you could win." I add. "Maybe." She says. "I want you to come home. You have to try." I say.

Katniss simply nods. Then the Peacekeepers come and pull us out of the room. We leave to go home, and as soon as we go home, I sit on thee end of our bed and turn on the television to see anything that might be going on with the hunger games. All I get is the eleven other reapings. But we also see Katniss getting on the train, with  gold pin on her dress. It is a mockingjay.

And that is all we see for the day.

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