The Hunger Games

This is for the tw weeks in Panem contest. But this is from Prim's point of view instead of Katniss'. Hope you enjoy!


3. Chapter Three

The rest of the evening was filled with worry. There was not much going on at our home, but I milked Lady a few times.

I am dreading tomorrow, going back to school and being reminded of my sister's absence. But at the end of the day, jts as I am arriving home, Katniss will be shown in the opening ceremonies, riding her chariot with Peeta. I think of the one year when District Twelve's tributes were naked and dusted with black powder, to represent coal.

Each year in the opening ceremonies, the tributes from each tribute gets dressed in an outfit to represent your disrtct's principal industry. Our's is coal, so our tributes are either dressed as coal miners, or go naked in black powder. I am rooting for the miner's outfit.

Soon it gets very late, and mother urges me to go to sleep, but I won't. I am determined to watch the television, in case any new news come through. "If there is more news, they would replay it n the morning, Prim. It is very late." Says mother. I sigh and put my nightgown on.

I join mother in her bed, not yet ready to face the emptiness of mine. Buttercup curls up in my arms, and he purrs me to sleep.

The morning brings school, and my dreams bring unpleasentness. In my dreams I am at school and it is lunch hour. I am wathcing the small telvision, and it shows Katniss, already in the arena, dying of thirst and starvation. I awake screaming, as Katniss does when she has bad dreams.

At first I am consoled by the morning lght when I awake, but the thought of going to school, realizing Katniss may never be back there, frightens me again.

But somehow mother coaxes me to get ready. As I sit on the edge of her bed, mother softly braids my hair to look like a blonde version of Katniss' hair. I love it, put it stirrs uo something else in me. Wouldn't yoy know it, it's more fear for Katniss.

I run to Lady and milk her quickly, wanting to see if there is any more news about Katniss. But I complete all my before school tasks, such as readying my bag with lunch, and bottling Lady's milk.

But when I have a free second, I am in the bedroom watching the television. I find another reminder that the opening ceremonies will be held tonight, and a small program of Caeser Flickerman reminding us all to watch. I stare, engrossed, at the television, until mother informs me that the school bells will ring any minute.

I leap up, and Mother helps me tuckmy bag around my shoulders. I hug my mother tightly before heading quickly to school.

And I was right. The day is horrifyingly frightening. Everyone gives me sympathy, which I don't want. What I want is Katniss safe and sound, eating lunch beside me.

The day seems to lag on forever, and I am quite fed up with the symathetic looks. As soon as the school bell rings, I gather my school things, and after stuffing them in my bag, I run home to see the opening ceremonies.

And I was not let down. Katniss was not dressed in either of theoutfits I ha anticiapted, but instead in a black jump suit with a matching headdress and cape. Her cape and headdrss are lit with fire, probably fake, but still extravegant, lowing fire. "Mother!" I call. She comes running in, and watches Katniss parade around.




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