The car was speeding. Perhaps that was the cause of the accident. Nobody appart from the insurance cared. The daughter was wearing her seatbelt. She died from knocking her head really hard so that she was and then somehow landing with her face on the leather of the seat.
"Suffocated" They said to one another as as they dragged her body from the car. The mothers jugular vein had been cut by a piece of glass.
The father, an insurance broker, had not been in the car. His name was Charles Redgrave, married to Piper Johnston with one daughter. Zoe Redgrave
She's back from the grave


1. The Funeral

Louis P.O.V.


We'd been dating for a year. A year of heaven with Zoe, I wish that I'd never met her at the moment, she was so beautiful and perfect, the dream girlfriend. Now she's dead, why, why is she dead, why did I invite her to the audition, the second one, I wanted her to see that I could do it. I wanted her to know that I could sing. Now she's dead, my beautiful Zoe will never breath again. She looked so beautiful the day that she died, she looked like an angel at my audition, if only she'd made it home, I would do anything, anything to have her sitting beside me, beautiful blonde hair tumbling across my shoulder. It would be someone elses funeral that I'm attending tomorrow, someone else who I knew dead, someone who never mattered to me so much, someone who wasn't Zoe.

Why did her father survive but not her. How come he is sitting next to me as she is lowered into the grave but not her. I would trade him in eagerly, him for her. Charles for Zoe. I wish that I'd never heard of X-factor, that I had got through the first time, that she was still alive. She isn't though, she's dead and she will never be back, never ever touch my lips to shut me up or kiss me if I make no sense. She'll never share another carrot with me or refuse one if she's had too many. I wouldn't eat another carrot if that was the price of having her back. I love her so much more than them, I love her with everything that exists in me.

Now she's not here and I'm crying, now she's not here and I can't exist. I don't know if it's physically possible to let her go, to leave her behind in the pile of earth that is her grave. Now the earth is being piled on top of her resting place perhaps covering a part of me, a part of me that can no longer exist because there is nothing there but a Zoe shaped hole, a hole that will never be filled without another Zoe and that is the thing that can no longer exist because there is no more Zoe. Maybe I can leave her behind, leave her with a little part of me that will never be forgotten but perhaps will hurt a little less over time.

Now the earth will cover her, she will soon be gone and I guess this is it. I pick up a handful of dirt and I through it on top. Her father then does the same. I wouldn't care so much if we'd broken up but we didn't, she died. I'm crying with the weight of all our memories,




"I can't believe how friggin beautiful this place is Lou, I can freaking not believe that you brought me here, I love it soooo much!" Zoe shrieked in escatsy, I didn't know that her lungs were that powerful. "Why don't you hack into some complicated computer system that I can't make head or tail of and give yourself the title deeds, and while your at it place a massive order for loads of carrots for me" I suggested, "It's not as easy as you think Lou and people notice those kinds of things, especially, "she continued "hacking into supermarkets, for some reason that's a bigger reason for concern than government computers" she admonished, "anyway," I yelled, "lets partaay!"


*end flashback*


That was the best first date in the world, it was the second date that we kissed, I felt the most sparks that I'd ever felt in my entire life as our lips fit together, she was the worlds best kisser and she was mine. Now I've never felt more alone.






Hey, AP speaking, just like to say that this is only one chapter and I'm writing the second one. By the way, if anybody would like to be the character of the person whose house gets robbed in the next chapter post a comment saying where you would leave your keys, what you look like and what you want your name to be, my favourite hiding place will be used and you will have a brief section!

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