The car was speeding. Perhaps that was the cause of the accident. Nobody appart from the insurance cared. The daughter was wearing her seatbelt. She died from knocking her head really hard so that she was and then somehow landing with her face on the leather of the seat.
"Suffocated" They said to one another as as they dragged her body from the car. The mothers jugular vein had been cut by a piece of glass.
The father, an insurance broker, had not been in the car. His name was Charles Redgrave, married to Piper Johnston with one daughter. Zoe Redgrave
She's back from the grave


2. In the bush

*Nobody's P.O.V.*

Where am I? Why am I precisely lying in a bush, a very uncomfortable bush, a very spikey, extremely uncomefortable bush? For gods sake, I don't even know my own name, how am I supposed to understand my surroundings. No friggin clue what bruised amnaesics with scars on their backs do while lying in bushes. Anybody in the same situation? any tips? I don't even think I can turn my head, it hurts that badly, really really bad. I wish that I could stand up but I'm not even sure if thats physically possible. I WISH that somebody was here who could tell me what on earth is going on.

Okay, I think that I can get up now, yep, on my feet, time to get moving. I hope that I find something. Is that a town over there? Kay, got to steal some clothes unless I want to do this whole thing in this wrecked white dress, it literally is covered in dirt. Right, empty house on the left, nobody at home, perfect. Now for the hard bit, I don't actually recall breaking into anybodys house seeing as I don't recall anything. For gods sake, I could be a wanted criminal for all I know. Anyway this person obviously may have some clothes seeing as the house evidently belongs to somebody. My options are to either break a window or go through the door. I hope that the owner leaves their keys at home.

Okay, key not under the doormat, key not above the door, key not in the bird house oh, key in the venus flytrap. I hope I can get it out. Right, after exstensive use of a stick I have succesfully removed the key from the mouth of the flytrap. Time to get in. Now I'm inside I need to get clothes, I can't remain in this filthy white dress, it is quite pretty but I prefer practical clothes, this is the opposite of practical. Good, nice hoodie, no idea why it's called that, guess it's because of the hood. Jeans, shirt, hoodie, sunglasses (nice) and time to go. Hey, wait a moment, I like the look of that computer? Is that what it's called? Might come in useful.

Person's P.O.V.


I was lying in bed when I heard a rustling noise in my sisters bedroom. I knew that it wouldn't be my sister so I was absolutely terrified. I snuck through and saw a filthy girl in a dirty dress holding my sisters computer, a hoodie, jeans and sunglasses. I followed my instincts and screamed.





Hah hah, cliffy, u go el, u won, hope u liked the chappy!!! sorry that nothing happens but i promise that the next one will come sooner!!!

By the way, Nobody is just the name that I'm using for a nameless character

See ya people, till then



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