The car was speeding. Perhaps that was the cause of the accident. Nobody appart from the insurance cared. The daughter was wearing her seatbelt. She died from knocking her head really hard so that she was and then somehow landing with her face on the leather of the seat.
"Suffocated" They said to one another as as they dragged her body from the car. The mothers jugular vein had been cut by a piece of glass.
The father, an insurance broker, had not been in the car. His name was Charles Redgrave, married to Piper Johnston with one daughter. Zoe Redgrave
She's back from the grave


3. Hacker Silver

Nobody's P.O.V.

Help! run! brown haired personality chasing me. Not good. Holding my little bundle and sprinting for the door. Being followed by a screaming girl. Not helpful but I assuming that she isn't trying to be helpful. Out the door. Down the alleyway, out onto another street. Into the park. In the trees. I think I lost her but I'm not sure. Now that was scary.


Persons P.O.V.


Random thief robbing me. I'm calling the cops, she isn't getting away with this. I know what she looks like and I'm not about to forget.


Nobody's P.O.V.

Phew, that was a close thing. Time to get changed, this dress is very conspicuous and I don't want a meeting with the cops. Right. First thing, Jeans, quickly rip off the dress and put on the shirt and hoodie. Now that I've taken the dress off I just noticed a silver pendant. A pretty silver pendant shaped like half a heart. I picked it up and noticed engraved on it two letters an H and an S. I wonder what they stand for and why it was on my neck. I wonder if there is another half out there somewhere because if so somehow, someway somebody knows that I exist and what my name is. Things that I don't even know myself.

Anyway, onto the computer. I picked it up and discovered, to my grief that it was password locked but, tribute to my strange memory I somehow knew how to get it open. I knew how to hack and that knowledge gave me hope. Perhaps I could survive it this strange world after all. I fiddled around on the computer for a while and familiarised myself with its intricate workings and such things. By the end I knew what to do. That included giving myself a name and wiping all existence of this computer off the face of the planet. I did the last one first.

Onto the name. I thought for a moment on a selection of normal names (Ellie, Verity...) before deciding that I didn't want one like that. Therefore, on the basis of my new abilities, I became Hacker, Hacker Silver (the silver necklace)

I had a name. Now to take on the world



Yay, third chappie. Don't worry El u come in later again, in the second book

Anyway, keep reading!!!

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