The car was speeding. Perhaps that was the cause of the accident. Nobody appart from the insurance cared. The daughter was wearing her seatbelt. She died from knocking her head really hard so that she was and then somehow landing with her face on the leather of the seat.
"Suffocated" They said to one another as as they dragged her body from the car. The mothers jugular vein had been cut by a piece of glass.
The father, an insurance broker, had not been in the car. His name was Charles Redgrave, married to Piper Johnston with one daughter. Zoe Redgrave
She's back from the grave


4. Blond Moron

Hacker's P.O.V.

Living on the street really takes it out of you, doesn't it. Especially if you don't even know your own real name. I've really become Hacker now, no room for softness. My whole life revolves around survival. No time for anything else. I've become quick on my feet with no break, no time for waiting around because I can see the denied world. People rob you and people want you to take a trip down a dark alley with them. Thats where the strong survive, thats where I thrive. I've lost the white dress, I keep myself alive by hacking and by helping people with their technology problems, it's the only way that a 16-20 year old girl like me can get food. Being strong enough to resist being robbed, being clever enough to avoid those who are stronger and being quick enough to hide when there is nothing else.

Sometimes I wish that I knew who I was, it would make things soo much simpler but I guess where this kid is involved nothing is simple. I know that Hacker Silver is a stupid name but what else am I supposed to call myself? I wonder if I have parents somewhere, wondering where their daughter is, but then, what if I was always alone? what if there were no parents. Ever. Which would kinda suck. Or maybe my parents smashed me in the back of the head and then dumped me in a bush and left me for dead. Which would kinda suck also.

Anyways, I'm just sitting here, 13 months since I woke up in a bush, which was fun...Not. I'm reading the news and the main celeb stuff (what? I am a girl?) was about this band of morons called One Direction or something stupid like that. I mean seriously, there's, like, an infinite amount of directions. So basically, they'd just come back from some tour in which they'd made gazillions of pounds and everybody's talking about them and...

*one massive rant later*

Ahh, customers. "Watcha want?"


"Er, we heard that you were, like, really good at hacking, and there was, like, some music we wanted and we wondered if you'd get it for us?" one of them asked


"It's gonna cost you. I'll make it less than the price of the music but you're gonna have to pay." I stated firmly, but fairly.

"Ok, how much for one album, it's got thirteen songs in it and would normally be £11.00?" The slightly more intelligent one asked.

"For you I'll make it  £7.00, pass me the phone"

They handed it over quite reluctantly and I sent my fingers flying over the screen. Five minutes later I was done.


They passed me the money and left. I sighed and picked up the newspaper, realising that the album, Up All Night was by the moronic singers called One Direction. Then, a guy in a hoodie asked me...

"Isn't that illegal?"

What the hell? "yeah, so?"

"Why did you do it?"

I saw that this moron had blond hair, and an Irish accent,

"Look, moron, or do you want me to call you Niall Horan?" clever, I know. "This is my job. And to me, you are no celeb, you are a very blond moron.





you guys like it? I loved writing this chapter, especially calling one direction morons, I am a directioner but it still was fun. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it and sorry it took so long to write, I've been away skiing and also a visit 2 the middle of nowhere, anyway, here it is, The one and only BLOND MORON :)

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