2. Chapter 2

Our first make out wasn't as any other one, like a one night stand. It was cute, nice, sincere. We didn't just make out because we were horny. We made out because we felt like it was time, we were at this point in our relationship. We felt something special. Well at least that's what I thought. Anyways that moment was perfect. It was a Sunday, it was a rainy day. I was home alone and I wanted to be with him. I called him and asked if he wanted to come over to chill. He didn't hesitate and said yes. In less then ten minutes, my doorbell rang. I was so exited and ran over to the door. He was wearing gray sweatpants, he had a white v-neck t-shirt and his arms looked strong and had messy hair. He was so sweet. He brought vanilla ice cream, cookies, and chocolate. He made me so happy I never wanted to be with anyone else my hole life. I grabbed the food he brought and put them in the fridge and came back jumping on him and giving him a big bear hug. We were so close. Then I backed off a little and he dazed in my eyes and leaned in to kiss me gently. It was cute and caring, after that we headed to the TV room. I said he could choose a movie. He picked Despicable Me. It's a child movie, but picked it because he knew it was my favorite. We started watching the movie while eating ice cream, chocolate and cookies. We were so lazy. We were laughing so hard and screaming' It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!' We were so childish. After a while, I decided to lean on his shoulder. And laid my head on the crook of his neck for the first time. He took his arm behind me and hugged my with just one arm. He put his other hand on my belly. We stayed in that position for a while. I started to rest my head on his lap and he started to play with my hair. I felt peaceful and relaxed. After a while, I turned my head wanting to see those big brown eyes. He looked down and stared at me, we gazed into each others eyes for a couple of seconds. Then he got closer to my face and kissed me. We changed position on the couch. He laid beside me and carefully placed his big warm hands on my lower back making his way down to my butt. Shortly after, I kissed his neck and played with his hair. Afterwards, he brushed my nose with his hot lips. It felt so nice. He made his way down to my lips and neck. I started touching his butt. Everything was happening slowly and passionately, enjoying the moment. Then we stopped and I got lost in his big brown orbs. He said to me' you are beautiful inside and out, I never want to lose you' I couldn't believe it. How can he care about me so much if we were just friends with benefits? Anyway, I told him I felt the same way and that a cared about him a lot. He smiled. But it wasn't a casual smile. It was sincere. Like a child's smile after seeing their parents for a very long time, an honest smile. I simply blushed. I don't know why I felt shy. I soon realized the movie had ended and it was getting late. I brought the dirty dishes in the kitchen and walked him out. We were standing on the doorframe, not wanting to say our goodbyes. Then he said after a long moment of simply starring in each others eyes 'goodnight, I had a great time, sleep well.' He kissed me on the forehead, then on my lips. And he was gone. It was a casual day but I had a special moment with a very special guy. That night, I couldn't fall asleep. Just thinking of us, our future together. What will happen if I get a boyfriend or he gets a girlfriend. I would never let him cheat on his girlfriend with me. I am not a bad person. But I don't want this to finish. Whatever this thing was. I said to myself that night, the next time we see each other, we will establish some ground rules to our.. Thing, whatever it was.
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