Do you remember summer 09?

" I can't see Niall, it's too dark" I said as I followed him to our secret sanctuary.
" We're almost there " Niall said as held my hand. I smiled. There were no one just us, Me and Niall stopped in the middle of a secluded road. " I'll go take the things and check if it's safe" Niall said. " But it's our sanctuary" I protested. " I know, but I want us to be safe especially you" he said . He squeezed my hand and left me standing alone. It was dark and cold and I have forgotten to take my glasses along. It was a bit blurry. I was going to take a step further went I heard horn coming , I looked to my right and saw something with bright lights coming straight at me. I woke up the next day oblivious to who I was.

Meet Leah: The girl who is Niall's best friend of all time until she was in an accident that was in summer 09. Her parents transferred to the states to get help for her memory loss. But before she left, she caught a glimpse of Niall.
Now he's coming back for her.


4. How it happened ( Part 4)

Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up to my alarm next to my bed. Man am I tired, I couldn't sleep at all last night because of Leah. Everytime I closed my eyes, an image of her will form. I wonder how she is today though, I thought to myself. I took a quick shower and went down to the dining room for breakfast.

" Morning mom" I said while pouring myself a glass of milk.

"Moring Niall" she replied.

" Did the greens called today?" I asked.

"No, not at all" she replied.

"Hmm, well okay, i'm going out now mom" I said as I walking out the dining room.

" Wait! where are you going?" she asked again.

" To visit Leah, don't worry i'll have my breakfast in the hospital."  I replied as I scurried out of the house.

I arrived at the hospital by 10:30 am. I went to the gift shop to buy some flowers for Leah. After buying I went up to the floor Leah was in. I walked to Leah's to room eager to see her but to my surprise she wasn't there. " Where was Leah?" was the only thing that came in my mind.  I walked to the reception counter where all the nurses were and asked one of them.

" Excuse miss, I'm looking for a girl called Leah, Leah Green. She was admitted here last night." I asked.

"Oh! Miss Green, yes she was discharged this morning" she answered

" What? Why?" I asked frantically

" Well her parents came here early in the morning to discharge, her condition was completely stable so we allowed it but when we asked why, they said they were gonna transfer to the states to help Leah with her memory loss" she answered.

" The states? Why there?" I was getting more and more frantic

" They said there was a doctor they who they knew that could help Leah". That was it, that was my last chance to ever see Leah again. Therefore I felt so hollow, I didn't know what to say or do. I couldn't even cry. I was going to head home when the nurse who helped me tapped my on the shoulder. I turned.

" Look, I don't know what's going on between you and Leah but I know you really really like her, and I suggest if you rush to the airport right now, you'll be able to catch her before she leaves.  She said


" do you really think so?"

" I know so, now GET!" she said as she pushed me to the elevator .


The airport wasn't that far from the hospital, there was no time to call a cab so I ran as fast I could. I was still holding the flowers in my hand. I had to give this to Leah.

As soon as I reached the airport I asked the info counter about Leah's flight,

"Uh, hi but can you please tell me what time is the flight to the states" I asked the guy at the counter.

" Actually, the flight's boarding right now" he replied.

" Shit, Thanks man" I said and sped off. " IT'S GATE A!" he shouted. " What?" I replied. " The flight to the states, it's in Gate A" he replied. I gave him a thumbs up and I was on my way. In no time I found Gate A. Everyone was already lining up. Shit. I was going to give up when I spotted a girl with brown hair, wearing a " I love science" t-shirt . " Leah" i said to myself. She was already lining up.

" LEAH!" " LEAH" " LEAH" i shouted. She turned around. The bandage on her head was still there. if only i could change back that moment. Leah looked at me with her hazel brown eyes and smiled at me. I could see she wanted to say something but she didn't know my name.

I wanted to grab right there, right now and take her back with me. I wanted to take her back to our sanctuary, I wanted to say how sorry i was to her, I wanted her to know my name. I wanted her to know how much i felt about her .But as much as i wanted to do that, i just couldn't because the memory hurt too much and i wanted Leah to get better. I didn't want to stand in her way, i had to let her go.

I looked at Leah for one last time.

" LEAH, I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU WILL AND ALWAYS BE MY WONDERWALL" I shouted. Leah looked at me like i was mad, she wanted to say something










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