Do you remember summer 09?

" I can't see Niall, it's too dark" I said as I followed him to our secret sanctuary.
" We're almost there " Niall said as held my hand. I smiled. There were no one just us, Me and Niall stopped in the middle of a secluded road. " I'll go take the things and check if it's safe" Niall said. " But it's our sanctuary" I protested. " I know, but I want us to be safe especially you" he said . He squeezed my hand and left me standing alone. It was dark and cold and I have forgotten to take my glasses along. It was a bit blurry. I was going to take a step further went I heard horn coming , I looked to my right and saw something with bright lights coming straight at me. I woke up the next day oblivious to who I was.

Meet Leah: The girl who is Niall's best friend of all time until she was in an accident that was in summer 09. Her parents transferred to the states to get help for her memory loss. But before she left, she caught a glimpse of Niall.
Now he's coming back for her.


3. How it happened ( Part 3)

Niall's P.O.V.

This is all my fault! If I hadn't suggested that stupid idea on sneaking out . This all wouldn't have happened!! . I waited in the waiting room for the doctor to find out Leah's results. I sat down on the arm chair and looked to my right. I saw Leah's dad comforting her mom. I looked down to the ground as tears dripped from my eyes and hoped for the best. I knew I was going to be in big trouble soon when my parents arrive, but that does not worry me. What worries me is Leah's condition.

" I'm so sorry Leah" I whispered to myself as tears fell. I heard footsteps coming in and lifted my head from my hands. It was the doctor.

" Mr and Mrs Green?" the doctor said. I got up from my chair crossing my fingers that Leah would be alright.

" How is she doctor? is she alright?" Mrs. Green asked frantically.

" Leah is perfectly fine Mrs. Green, just a few stitches and bruises and she'll be fine it's just that..."

" Is what doctor?" Mr. Green asked. My heart stopped when the doctor didn't finish his sentence.

" Leah has traumatic amnesia" . Everyone was silent.

" So does that mean she doesn't know anyone even us?" I asked.

" I'm afraid so" The doctor replied. " But, she was lucky not to end up in a coma though" The doctor added. Tears started to form in our eyes.

My heart sank and my palms got sweaty  and I didn't know what to do or say because this was all my fault, everything was. I felt like the whole world was crumbling down before me , I felt so guilty.

" Can we see her doctor?" Mr. Green asked.

" Of course , this way if you may" the doctor said and we followed him to room number 556. Leah's parents went in first as I waited outside.  I saw Leah through the glass. She had a big bandage around her head and she looked pale. She had a blur face on when her parents came in and introduced themselves. I wonder how would her expression be when I see her.

A few minutes later, Leah's parents came out.  Leah's mom said she was going to the restroom to wash her face from all the crying while Leah's dad waited. I decided to make a little small talk with him.

"Mr.Green i just want to say"

Before I could finish my sentence he cut me off.

"Niall, just save it" he replied softly.

" I would love to save it Mr.Green but I just want to say I'm really sorry for everything that happened today especially for Leah. This was my wrong doing and I know that and I would like you to know if I could change back time I can assure you this whole thing wouldn't have happened." I said

He sighed. " What  matters now is Leah is alright" . I was going to say something else when Leah's mom came out. Mr. Green gave me a half smile as he headed to the elevator with his wife. I sighed and decided to check on Leah.

I knocked softly on the door and went in. Leah was sitting up on her bed looking around her room.

" Hi Leah" I said.

" Hi, i'm guessing you're my brother huh?" she said. I chuckled.

" Nope, i'm actually your friend" I answered

" Friend" she said.

" Yeah, do you remember me?" I asked .

" I...I.."

Her sentenced was cut off when a nurse came in.

" Sir, i'm really sorry but you have to leave now" the nurse said.

"Now? really?" I said .

" Yes, visiting hours are over" the nurse said. " I guess, i'll see you tomorrow ." I said . " Yeah" Leah replied. I smiled. " Bye Leah" I said and walked out .

I went down to the lobby as my parents were waiting for me. But that didn't matter, all that matters was Leah.


Leah's P.O.V.

I woke up with throbbing pain in my head the lights of the room blinded me for a few seconds before I got used it. I sat up from my bed and looked around. Where am I? Who am I? I saw people in white coats walking back and forth with clipboards and medicines . I'm guessing I'm in the hospital. but what was I doing there?

There was a clipboard next to my bed. I grabbed it and started reading.

" Name: Leah Green" I said to myself. Okay, maybe at least I have one answer to this mystery, my name is Leah. I touched my head and flinched . What happened to me? Why am I even here? Questions were going through my mind when someone knocked on the door and blew my concentration.  Three people came in. Two men and a woman .

"Who are you?" I questioned.

" Hello Leah, let me introduce myself. I am doctor Wright".he said.

" Okay. so tell me doctor, why am I here? infact who am I?" I asked.

" That will be all explained, but first do you know who these people are?" he said gesturing to the middle aged couple.

" Doesn't ring a bell" I answered shrugging. I wish I didn't say that though, cause when I did. That lady started sobbing and that random guy started comforting her. Well sorry, for not knowing you but as you can see I have no idea who I am myself.

"Leah these people are your parents!" Doctor wright said.

" Oh" was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

" You can't remember us at all Leah?" My so called father asked.

" I'm sorry ,but no" I answered. He had a straight face but I could see he was hurt in the inside.

" Sweetie, we're gonna take you home" my so called mom said.

" Wait! what? why? I barely even know who am I and why am I here!" I protested.

" You were in an accident" Doctor Wright said.

" Accident? what accident?" I asked desperately.

" It was an accident dear, but it's all over now" so called mom said. I looked at her with a puzzled look.

" We'll see you tomorrow Leah" so called dad said and kissed me on the forehead, so called mom hugged me lightly and gave me a half smile and left with the doctor. I was left in the room feeling confused and worried.

" what just happened?" I said to myself. I looked around the room and was lost in my thoughts when someone knocked on the door and came in. A blonde boy with the bluest eyes I've ever seen came in.

" Hi Leah" he said.

" Hi, i'm guessing you're my brother huh?"  I answered looking at him. He smiled and replied he was just a friend.

He asked if I remembered him or not. Before I could answer him, the nurse came in and informed that visiting hours were over and he had to go. Whoever he was. He wasn't hesitant to go and I didn't want him to leave either but it was a must. He sighed.

" I guess i'll see you tomorrow" he replied as he half smiled and left.

" Yeah" I answered. I will see you tomorrow too




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