Do you remember summer 09?

" I can't see Niall, it's too dark" I said as I followed him to our secret sanctuary.
" We're almost there " Niall said as held my hand. I smiled. There were no one just us, Me and Niall stopped in the middle of a secluded road. " I'll go take the things and check if it's safe" Niall said. " But it's our sanctuary" I protested. " I know, but I want us to be safe especially you" he said . He squeezed my hand and left me standing alone. It was dark and cold and I have forgotten to take my glasses along. It was a bit blurry. I was going to take a step further went I heard horn coming , I looked to my right and saw something with bright lights coming straight at me. I woke up the next day oblivious to who I was.

Meet Leah: The girl who is Niall's best friend of all time until she was in an accident that was in summer 09. Her parents transferred to the states to get help for her memory loss. But before she left, she caught a glimpse of Niall.
Now he's coming back for her.


1. How it all happened ( Part 1)

1MAY 2009



Leah's P.O.V.

" So Niall, watcha wanna do tomorrow?" I asked as we were looking through his comic books in our sanctuary. Basically our sanctuary is a small little hut  that we built ourselves when we were 10 . It's actually located across the forest so it's not seen by many. Me and Niall even grew some vines so now it's totally invisible



" I don't know, how about you?" he said. I got up from where I was sitting looked outside the hut. " I don't know, but I just feel like doing something spontaneous you know" I said and did a little twirl while landing on Niall. We both laughed. Me and Niall have been friends eversince we were little. We grew up in the same street, went to the same school and not to mention we have a lot of things in common together.

" Spontaneous? Leah, you know we can't run off to Spain" Niall said sitting up.

" Yet my friend, we can't run away to Spain yet" I said.

" Okay, so what is your definition of spontaneous?" Niall asked.

" I don't know maybe, riding on an ostrich or..or .. I don't know" I said as i took the nearest comic book and read it randomly.

"What about we sneak out come here" Niall said. I raised an eyebrow,

" Oooo....that's hardcore Nialler" I said and punched him lightly . " I'm not finished" he said.

I did the whole zip my mouth while throwing  away the key gesture. " As i was saying, why don't we sneak out at night and have a night out here, well not the whole night but most of it" Niall said.

"You know that's actually not bad , I could buy some nandos and m&m's and we could have our own little feast" i said. " Okay, i'm in" i said. I got up from him and sat across the room. Niall took out his guitar and started strumming.  I for one was thinking about the whole sneaking out thing.

"Watcha thinking about Leah?" Niall asked. I stopped thinking and looked at Niall. " How did you know i was thinking?" i asked. " You bite your lip when you think that's one , two i'm your best friend so yeah" he said grinning. i stuck my tongue out. Niall laughed.


"Can you play what you always play?" i asked Niall.

"What? wonderwall? " he said.

"Yeah" i answered. I got up again and sat next to Niall and closed my eyes to Niall strumming. Niall started singing. Oh how i loved his voice. A few seconds later i could feel my sleepiness taking over as i rested my head on Niall's shoulder. I fell asleep a few minutes later listening to the voice of my best friend, Niall.


Niall's P.O.V.

Me and Leah were in our sanctuary reading our old comic books. One thing , I loved about Leah is that for a girl she had a thing for comic books and that is really rare, well for me of course. 

" So watcha wanna do tomorrow Niall?" Leah asked. I thought for a second but wasn't sure

" I don't know how about you?" I asked her. She got up and looked outside like as if she was some kind of Disney princess and said " I don't know, I just feel like doing something spontaneous you know?" and she did a little twirl while landing on me. We laughed. She looks so cute when she laughs. I known Leah ever since we were young and we did everything together. To be honest if I had to choose between her and my guy friends it would definitely be Leah.


" Spontaneous? Leah, you know we can't run off to Spain" I said sarcastically.

" Yet, we can't run off to spain yet" She answered sarcastically.  I asked Leah her definition of spontaneous and she just answered one of her crazy ideas as usual. I suggested to her that we sneak out and come here at night. But before I could finish she said " oooooo... that's hardcore Niall" and punched me lightly. " I'm not finished yet" I answered . She did the whole zip your mouth while throwing away the key gesture. I continued. " As I was saying, why don't we sneak out at night and spent the night here, but not the whole night maybe half of it.  Leah stopped and thought.

"You know, that's actually not bad Nialler I could buy some nandos and m&m's and we could have our own little feast here." she said and agreed to come. To be honest that was just all a random thought in my mind and when I thought about it again, it seemed like a great idea! My thoughts were interrupted when Leah got up and sat across the room.  I took out my guitar from the bag and started strumming a tune. I looked at Leah and saw her biting her lip. That meant she was thinking.

" Watcha thinking about Leah?" I asked. Leah stopped thinking as her eyes widened. " How did you know I was thinking?" she asked. Typical Leah. I told her she bites her lips when she thinks and secondly i'm her best friend. She looked at me and stuck her tongue out. I laughed.

" Can you play what you always play?" she asked.

" What? wonderwall?" I said.

"Yeah" she replied as she got up from her spot and sat next to me. Wonderwall was our favorite song. Infact it was our song. We would always sing it together if one of us remembers or when something awesome happens. That's us.

Leah's eyes closed slowly as I started strumming and singing. I could see Leah smiling as she rested her head on my shoulder as she dozed off to sleep. I looked at Leah while singing, she looked so beautiful just the way she was. She was never the make up fanatic type, infact she hates makeup and that was one thing I liked about her. I used to have feelings for Leah back then but I chose not to tell her. I was afraid it would effect out friendship but most of all I was afraid she didn't feel that way about me. I am just waiting for that right day , place and time to tell her. I know will. I looked back at Leah and she was fast asleep I stopped singing and started strumming instead. I kissed her on the forehead and said " Sweet dreams Leah" .









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