The Little Lights.

A tale of territory, kidnapping, conspiracy and a race to find the light.


3. High Places


I decided that Colette wasn’t going to answer my questions, so I reluctantly left the boat and went for a walk. It was mid-day and the sun was turning harsh as I finally reached my destination. I don’t know why, but I had always preferred to relax in high places. So naturally, the best place for me to stay was atop the harbour lighthouse.

My bare calves pressed against the roof of the lighthouse as I breathed in deep lung-full’s of the air. The only sounds that met my ears were lapping waves, the distant squawking of gulls and my own breath. As I looked down at the port I called my territory, I smiled to myself. I could tell you hundreds of stories circling the twenty ships that docked in the harbour, and so many more about the people who sail them. It had been roughly eight years since me and Colette had first docked in Hazel-bay, I was nine when clambered up to the lighthouse spot on my first night here. I can still remember the look of relief in Colette’s eyes when she got her job in the market. As far as she was concerned, anything was better than what we had been running from.

In our old city of Eastbridge, it was like a different world. The children all went to school, the young men all had jobs and the young woman would all be eagerly marrying into wealthy families. The prettier you were, the more successful society would see you.

I couldn’t tell you about my parents; for they spent as little time in my company as possible throughout my childhood. As soon as I could talk I was taken away and enrolled in one boarding school after another, until I was told that my parents had gone missing, and I was to be cared for by an institute called; Lapointe’s Housing for Young Ladies. Which was funded by a wealthy benefactor called Renard Lapointe.

Lapointe’s institute was where I first met Colette.

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