This is about a girl who tries to run away from her family, who treat her horribly.
This is a test chapter for my first story on movellas! :)
Tell me what you think. But don't be cruel. And tell whether or not to continue. Thanks guys!


1. The Nightmare

It was a cold December morning and it was time to get up for school. The wicked beast known as my step mother had again left the bedroom window on the wall to my right wide open so the cold, unfeeling fingers of winter's chilly had would caress me through the night. And since Rella did this often to punish my "bad behavior", I was once again to sick to go to school with another case of fever. Yet my family ignored my health and well-being, thinking I was faking it. I wasn't though. I never was.

My repulsing slob of a sister was trying to wake me out of the daze I was in. I was tired from the beating from Dad and with Rella's nasty trick, I was frozen to the bed from exaustion.

"Wake up you lazy piece of crap! You still need to make breakfast and lunch for everyone! And I'm hungry!" shrieked my sister in her complaining congested voice.

I quickly snapped my head back towards her. " If your so hungry, why don't you-" oh no. A moan came wretching up my spine and through my mouth. I was stiff as an iron bar and as ridged as a brick.

I rolled back over and ignored my sister and dozed, half asleep. It was like a cat nap, but I had a dream. It wasn't one of those colorful make believe dreams. It was one of those blank dreams, with a backround of static. But it wasn't just that. There was a vague yet familiar voice in the backround. And it was speaking in a whisper.

"Silvia..." it spoke in a hushed calming voice. "Pstttt, Silvia..."

"Who are you? Where are you? How do I know you? Why are you here? What-"

"Shhh. All you questions will be answered in time. I am here to worn you Silvia. Worn you of an unknown danger."

" What danger? I am perfectly fine. Nothing is wrong here. I am safe."

" No, Silvia. You are in terrible danger here with your family. If you continue to stay, the beatings will get worse. You will become sicker. You will slowly and painfully die. You need to get out. You need to escape."

"But who are you? And how do you know me?"

" Like I said, those will be answered in time. Now I must hurry, time is scarce. Now listen to me. Follow the three dear at the park tomorrow after school instead of going home that day. Pack plenty of food, water, and clothes. If anyone asks, you're going to a sleep over. Once you followed them, you will be led to a camp with other children just like you. They will teach you the necessary skills to survive. I will give you further instructions on your arrival."

"But wait-"

"No more questions. Others may be with you. Be safe and good luck. Remember what I told you. If you do so, I will explain everything. If you don't, you will die here. I must go now. Remember..." A cold tingling breeze blew arcoss my face, as if a guardian angel had bestoed a kiss on my cheek. " You are not safe here. You must escape. Goodbye and farewell Silvia."

Everything began to fade. and the repetitive ringing of my sisters voice in my head came into to view. I sat bolt upright, terrified. I could here my sister screaming that we were going to be late, but I didn't care. All I cared about was that message. I now understood what the mysterious voice was trying to say. I wasn't safe. And I realized that it wasn't a dream that I had. It was a warning. A realization about how bad things were already. It was a wake up call.

It was a nightmare. A nightmare that was coming true.

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