Way Up To Heaven

They were best friends since birth, she went with him to the X-Factor audition and saw how he became a member of one of the most famous boybands in the world. Liz Spring and Harry Styles, best friends since day one, were doing everything together. But since Harry got famous everything changed, He hasn't enough time for her anymore. Too tired to call her in his freetime or to even text her. She is really sad about this and tries to get used to the situation, that she will never see Harry again.


6. Chapter 6

"Where are the boys?", I asked him. "They are still gettin ready in their rooms.", he said looking out of the window. "Liz.. what did you want me to tell on the beach?", he asked me after turning to me and walking towards me. "Well.. I knew one Day I need to tell you whats going on, but I never thought this soon." "Just tell me" I signed. "Okay, okay. You know Harry, we know each other since Day 1 and.. oh god" I started to cry. How was this supposed to work anyway? He was a famous band member and I was nothing. I'm worthless and nobody actually needs me. He will defenitly reject me, if I tell him my feelings for him. We are just friends and never going to be more than that. Anyways he was in love with my best friend Mia. How should this work out? I wanted to die so bad. "What am I actually doing here?", I said to myself, forgetting all about Harry being here. "Liz, whats the matter?";he said, wanting to give me a hug. "Don't. I can't handle this right now.", I said whiping my tears away. "Let's go"

After half an hour we got to the car and drove to a quiet nice restaurant where the boys ordered a table for 6. I sat between Louis and Niall and Harry sat in front of me. I couldn't look at him the whole dinner. We talked and laughed. Well the boys did, but I didn't. I excused me from the table, going to the toilet. Before I could walk in the ladies room, someone grabbed my arm and as I turned around, I saw Louis. "Hey Liz, are you okay? You seem.. so sad tonight. Has something happened with Harry?" I shook my head. "I just need some alone time right now, please?" He nodded, let go of me and left. I went inside the ladies room and started to cry, again. For my luck, no one was in here. After five minutes of crying, i left the ladies room only to find an empty table, only Louis sitting there. "The boys are already outside. I thought I should wait for you.", he smiled. "Thank you Louis", I said smiling a bit too. He was just so kind and nice to me. I really liked Louis. As we got outside, only Harry was outside. "Where are the others?", I asked. "Already in the car" He looked at me with a straight face. Louis whispered something to Harry, then got in the car and it drove off. "What's going on?!", I asked Harry, after I couldn't see the car anymore. "I want to take you for a walk, Liz.", he said offering me his hand, but I didn't take it. I just walked past him and he was then next to me. We got to a small park somewhere near the restaurant. There were no other people, just me and him. I was wondering what's going to happen now. He sat then down on a bench and I sat next to him. 

"Liz, I know something is wrong with you since we saw us on your birthday. Please tell me now.", he said with a really sad face. "I can't.", I said looking down on the floor. "Please Liz, I thought we are best friends!", he said a bit louder. "Exactly this is my problem! We ARE best friends and I don't want to ruin everything just because I got feelings for you damnit!" Fuck, did I really just say that. Oh my god, I just ruined everything. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to tell you this right now.", I said after a few minutes. I stood up, wanting to leave, but Harry grabbed my hand and stood up also. "Listen, the night we played 'Truth or Dare' I wanted to tell you exact the same thing. Since I'm on tour, well better since I've been on the X-Factor everything I can think of is you. When I get to sleep, you are my last thought. When I wake up you are my first. I always wanted to tell you, but then I had to go on tour. Even there I couldn't stop thinking of you Liz. I missed you all the time and when Mia called.. I was so happy about that call, I can tell you. I said immediatly yes. And now here I am, with you. My beautiful, amazing best friend. Which is in love with me and so am I.." I stood there speechless. I never thought that this would happen. Tears got into my eyes. "Don't cry, love. Please", he said hugging me tight. But this only made me  start to cry. Not tears of anger or sadness. These were tears of happiness. "I'm sorry", I said a bit smiling. I looked him in the eyes then and he smiled. He stroke my cheek and I smiled even more. As he leaned in to kiss me I heard screams. "Liz, Harry! Where are you?!" It were the others. He pulled back and took my hand then. The boys finally found us and ran up to us. "Finally we found you, as we noticed you didn't came in the car, we drove back, but you were already gone so we looked after you", Niall said, without a breath. Harry was still holding my hand. "We were just going for a walk, you know, we needed to.. catch some things up guys", he smiled. They all smiled. "Let's go now, I saw some pap's around here" OH hell no. I nodded and so did Harry, then we ran to the car and drove away fast.


- Harry's POV -

It was really hard for me acting like nothing changed when I'm with Liz. I've been in love with her so long and I never had the chance to tell her. But now, after I told her, I feel so much better. And the fact she is in love with me too, makes it even better. I guess I should have told her earlier. I noticed how her sad face shined bright after I told her my feelings for her. I'm so happy about how it all went. As we arrived at the hotel we got in very fast and went upstairs. The other boys stayed in the lobby of the hotel because of some fans. Me and Liz excused us and left. As we got in the room there was an really awkward silence. We sat down on the couch. "This is so awkward right now.", Liz said. "I was exactly thinking the same right now. We both laughed and I looked at Liz. She was so beautiful. Her long brownish hair falling down her shoulders. The red cheeks. Her wonderful blue eyes, I could stare at them all day and all night. Then I heard the door and the boys came in. The guys laughed and sat next to us. "So what are we going to do now?", Niall asked. "I would like to hear you guys sing", Liz suddenly said. "Yeah, we could show you our new song", Louis said. Great idea, I loved our new song. Niall grabbed his guitar and started playing. 


Don't try to make me stay or ask if I'm okay. I don't have the answer. Don't make me stay the night or ask if I'm alright. I don't have the answer. 


Heartache doesn't last forever. I'll say I'm fine. Midnight, ain't no time for laughing, when you say goodbye.

Zayn: It makes your lips, so kissable and your kiss unmissable. Your fingertips, so touchable and your eyes irresistible.


I've tried to ask myself should I see someone else. I wish I knew the answer. 


But I know if I go now, if I leave I'm on my own tonight. I'll never know the answer.


Midnight, doesn't last forever. Dark turns to light. Heartache flips my world around. I'm falling down, down, down, that's why.


I find your lips, so kissable and your kiss unmissable. Your fingertips so touchable and your eyes irresistible.


As we were done, I looked at Liz. "This was absolutly amazing guys. Wow", she said smiling at us. "Would you sing us a song Liz? I know you are a great singer", I said grinning. "No way Harry." "Please Liz, I sing with you if you want", I said making a puppy face. "Argh, fine Harry", . "What shall we sing?" "Actually.. I wanted to sing a song of yours...", Liz said, getting as red as a tomato. "Do we have a little directioner here?", Zayn said laughing and then we all joined in. "Little Things, please", she said then and I smiled and Niall started to play on the guitar.

Your hand fits in mine, like it's made just for me. But bear this in mind, it was meant to be. And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles  on your cheeks, and it all makes sense to me.


And I know you never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile.You've never loved your stomach or your thighs. The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but I'll love them endlessly.


I won't let these little things, slipp out of my mouth. But if I do, it's you, oh it's you they add up to. I'm in love with you and these little things.


You can't go to bed, without a cup of tea and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep. And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep, though it makes no sense to me.


I know you never loved the sound of your voice on tape you never want, to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me.


I won't let these little things slipp out of my mouth. But if it's true, it's you, oh it's you they add up to. I'm in love with you and these little things.


You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you.


You'll never treat yourself right darlin but I want you to.


If I let you know I'm here for you.


Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, ohhhh.


And I've just let these little things slipp out of my mouth, cause it's you, it's you, oh it's you they add up to and I'm in love with you and all these little things.


I won't let these little things slipp out of my mouth, But if it's true, it's you, oh it's you they add up to and I'm in love with you and all these little things...

- Back to Liz POV -

Wow, I was really speechless after ending the song. "This was absolutly amazing! We so should re-record this with Liz!", Niall said then smiling bright. "Naw, I would ruin the whole song..", I said shyly looking on the ground. "You made this song so much better Liz!", Liam said. "They are right", Harry finally said. "Okay, okay. FINE!", I said then, making a grumpy face and corssing my arms. They all laughed and Harry gave me a hug. It felt so good getting hugs from him.I loved his smell and when his hair touched my cheeks a little bit. 

We continued the singing a little bit and then everyone went to sleep, except me and Harry. We sat together on the couch,  he had his arms wrapped around me. "What is going to happen now, with us, I mean?", I asked after a few minutes of silence. "Let's see what time says. I don't want to hurry with anything. You mean so much to me Liz", he said while he stroked my hair. The last thing I remembered was, that Harry started singing quietly 'Irresisteble' for me. Than I fell asleep in his arms.

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