Way Up To Heaven

They were best friends since birth, she went with him to the X-Factor audition and saw how he became a member of one of the most famous boybands in the world. Liz Spring and Harry Styles, best friends since day one, were doing everything together. But since Harry got famous everything changed, He hasn't enough time for her anymore. Too tired to call her in his freetime or to even text her. She is really sad about this and tries to get used to the situation, that she will never see Harry again.


5. Chapter 5

When I woke up the next morning, Harry was still sleeping and holding me in his arms. I wanted to leave his arms because I knew they weren't made for me. I slowly slipped out of his arms and I went out of his room, finding Louis sitting on the couch. "Morning", I said walking slowly to the couch falling next to Louis. "Hey, are you alright?", he said looking at me. I shook my head and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer. "You need to tell him Liz. Or it will be too late" "I know Louis, but how? I just can't walk up to him and be like 'Hey Harry, you know what? I'm in love with you'. That's just wrong." "Love is never wrong Liz. Look, when I told Elenore, that I was in love with her, I felt so much better and the fact she liked me back was making the whole thing a lot easier." "But what if Harry doesn't like me that way? I don't wanna ruin our friendship..", I whispered. "But do you wanna break inside? Wanna ask yourself in a few years, why you haven't told him? I don't want to see you so sad, love" I signed. "I try, I promise", I lightly smiled. Suddenly I heard a noise and got out of Louis arms, standing up, seeing Harry standing in the door. "Morning", I said smiling. "Can we talk, Liz?", he shortly said. I looked at Louis, who smiled softly and I went into Harrys room again. "What's up Hazza?" "You know, I really missed you and now we're going back on tour tomorrow.. I asked our managment if they would mind it if.. you would come with us." My eyes widened. "And before you say something.. Yes I should have asked you before but, please come with us." I said nothing, just walking up to him, hugging him tight and kissing his cheek. "Yes" He smiled and hold me tight. We stood there for a couple of minutes and I just smiled. 

"What's up for today?", I asked after we had breakfast in the hotel lobby. "Well we have a day off today.. we could go on the beach or something.", Niall said. "Good idea, lets go!", I said and we got out of the hotel. As we were outside, loads of paparazzis were there. Harry grabbed my hand and took me to the car and he softly pushed me inside. We drove off to the beach. It was kind of an private beach and it was kind of empty. We parked the car somewhere and went straight to the beach. Harry didn't let go of my hand as we entered the entry. 

I stood with my feet in the water as suddenly someone took me and jumped with me in the water. I screamed laughing and dived. As I got out of the water with my head, I could see Harry. "I hate you", I said laughing. "I love you too Liz", he grinned. I smiled, but then had to think of him liking Mia. I signed and pushed Harry softly away. Everything would end soon, I mean, I couldn't be friends with both, if they were dating. That would just break my heart. "Are you okay Liz?", Harry said looking a little bit sad at me. "Yeah, I'm fine", I lied and smiled. "Liz, you're lying and you know that." I signed again. "Okay, listen.. I wanted to tell you something for so long and.." I couldn't end my sentence because Niall jumped on Harrys back and both got under water. My time to leave. I went out of the water, straight to Louis. "You were about to tell him right?" I nodded. Louis signed and I looked at Harry, who was laughing with Niall. How bad could it be if I would really tell him? More than not liking me back can't happen. I guess I should give it another try. 

We drove back to the hotel after hours of sunbathing. I haven't had the chance to talk with Harry alone, but I would tonight, before going to dinner. When we arrived at the hotel, no paps were there, so we could get inside very fast. I took a quick shower and got dressed. My parents brought me some clothes because I was going on tour with the boys. I was really suprised that my parents actually did let me go with them. I took some clothes for the dinner out of my bag. ( http://www.polyvore.com/so_random/set?id=61394284 )

I got outside to find only Harry in the living room.

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