Way Up To Heaven

They were best friends since birth, she went with him to the X-Factor audition and saw how he became a member of one of the most famous boybands in the world. Liz Spring and Harry Styles, best friends since day one, were doing everything together. But since Harry got famous everything changed, He hasn't enough time for her anymore. Too tired to call her in his freetime or to even text her. She is really sad about this and tries to get used to the situation, that she will never see Harry again.


4. Chapter 4

I was standing in the back while the boys made their interview. It was really nice to hear what they all had reached in this short time. They all were very professionell and never said too much or too less and they always laughed. "So, what's with the girls guys? Any of you got a girlfriend or seeing someone?" Liam and Louis answerd, that they already had girlfriends and so did Zayn. I knew the girls from TV mostly but never met them. Niall was single. "Well, I'm actually seeing someone, but she doesn't know", Harry said and this kinda broke my heart. I told you from my little secret? Well I guess now you know. I'm in love with my best friend. Which sucks now because he is seing someone. This really broke my heart and as he said this I went slowly out of room and got to the toilet, where I started to cry. I don't know how that could happen, I wasn't that emotional normally. I whiped my tears away, put my smile back on and went back. After the interview the boys came over to me and Harry hugged me tight. I tried not to start crying again. "You did great there", I said, smiling to them. "Thanks Liz", Niall said. I could see the interviewer staring at us and Harry did too so he got outside with us and we got into the car. "I'm hungry", Niall said as soon as we were in the car. "As usual", Zayn said and laughed. We all joined in driving to Mc Donalds. We drove to the drive-in and then got back to the Hotel where the band was staying at. As we arrieved tons of paparazzis were there and we had to go to the backside of the Hotel so we could get in without being caught. As we were in the rooms Niall was the first who grabbed the food, of course. I went on the balcony and stared at the sky, as I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Louis. "Everything alright Liz? I saw you walking out of the room while the interview before.", he said looking at me. I continued looking in the sky. "Yeah, I just had to go to the toilet" "And why were your eyes all red after?" I signed and turned to him. "Listen, it's hard for me to talk about this because not even he knows.." I shut myself up. Damn, this was too much talking. "Who doesn't know? Harry?" He looked at me and I felt how tears came into my eyes. As he would have known, Louis hugged me tight and I cried silently in his chest. It felt good to have someone like him right now. I need this. "Since when Liz?", he asked after a few minutes of silence. "A year now.." "I guess you should tell him", Louis said rubbing my back. "I guess so too, but I'm afraid he rejectes me.. after what I heard today at the interview.." "Don't worry love, everything's gonna be alright. I know it.", he smiled an kissed my cheek. "Thank you Louis, you're a great friend.", I smiled and hugging him again. "No Problem, lets go inside okay?" I nodded and we went back, finding the others sitting on the ground singing some Chartsongs. "What shall we do now?"; Louis asked as we sat next to the guys. "Truth or Dare, I would say.", Liam finally said. Oh god, I hated this game, but I was with the boys so I guess it was okay. We all sat in a circle and Liam started. "So Niall, Truth or Dare?" "Truth" Liam thought like a few minutes. "If you could, would you marry food?" I had to grin. "I guess you all know the answer already do you?"; he laughed. Now it was Nialls turn. "Liz, Truth or Dare?" "Dare", I knew I was getting into trouble. "I dare you to.. go outside and scream I'm sexy and I know it, then do the wiggle", he laughed and the boys joined in. Oh dear.. I went outside and did what he said. The boys, of course filmed it and after a few minutes my phone made a "bling" and the video was on Nialls twitter page. "Playing "Truth or Dare" with the boys and @truelyhappy lol" "I hate you Niall", I said laughing. Now it was my turn to ask someone and I knew exactly who I was going to ask. "Hazza", I grinned. "Truth or Dare?", I felt Louis eyes on me, he knew exactly what I wanted to hear from Harry. "Truth" He was doing like I imagined. "Well, as your bestest friend, I want to know.. who are you seeing?", I looked at him silently and the boys did too. I guess they all knew it already, but I didn't. "Well..", he started smiling lightly. "You actually know her. You know her pretty well." "Name?", I asked rushing. "That's going to be my secret." "It's truth or dare Hazza, thats unfair", I said acting mad. He laughed und hugged me then he let go. What the Fuck was that? Who was he talking about? I know her very well.. oh god, he's seeing Mia! That made me really jealous. We continued the game until it was midnight. "Damn, I should have been at home at 10!", I said signing. "You can stay here Liz", Harry said. "I will sleep on the couch then." The other boys already been off to sleep, only me and Harry sat in the living room of the suite."No, I'm the guest so I will sleep there" "Liz..", he said looking strictly at me. "Know what? Both of us will be sleeping in your bed okay?", I hope it was okay for him. "Fine", he smiled and we went into his room. I changed in the bathroom into some clothes he gave me. I went to bed and snugged into the covers. Then Harry came, lying next to me and grabbing my waist pulling me closer to him. "I missed you Liz, really", he said looking me in the eyes. "I missed you too", I said with no emotion in my voice turning around and closing my eyes. I could hear him sign, but not letting me go. "Night Harry" "Night love" I felt tears down my face. couldn't imagine him and my best girlfriend dating. It broke my heart. Why did I even ask?!

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