Way Up To Heaven

They were best friends since birth, she went with him to the X-Factor audition and saw how he became a member of one of the most famous boybands in the world. Liz Spring and Harry Styles, best friends since day one, were doing everything together. But since Harry got famous everything changed, He hasn't enough time for her anymore. Too tired to call her in his freetime or to even text her. She is really sad about this and tries to get used to the situation, that she will never see Harry again.


11. Chapter 11

Tonight was the last show for 2 weeks. We planned a small trip home to see our family and friends. That would mean, me and Harry back home and the other boys back to their families. I was really sad about this because I wouldn't be able to see the boys for 2 whole weeks. But I had Harry though, I loved this fact. We got ready for the last show. Me, Jenny and the boys have been backstage sitting on the chouch and chairs. "I've never been backstage at a concert though", Jenny said. "It feels good right?", I said and she nodded. Then some woman came in and said, that we needed to get ready. I stood up and I could feel Harry's arms on my waist. I smiled and turned to him. "You know I love you, right?", he said and smiled. I nodded and kissed him softly on his lips. Then we let go and got on the stage.

After the concert we got back to the hotel and packed our stuff. The flight was in 2 hours and we wanted to leave ealier to say goodbye to Jenny. When we all packed our stuff together, we got to the car and drove off to the airport. I sat between Harry and Louis and the others sat in front of us. As we arrived, I got really sad because I didn't want to leave Jenny here. We became really good friends and I would miss her loads. When we were about to get into the plane, I hugged her tight. "I will miss you so much. Promise you will call or text me okay?", she said after lettin' go. "I promise!", I smiled and hugged her again. Then I went to the plane with the boys. I waved her and she waved back, then we got inside. I sat next to Harry and leaned against his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around my waiste and pulled me closer. "I already miss you Harry.", I said playing with his fingers. "But we live next to each other silly", he smiled and kissed my hair. "I know, but being seperated from you feels... just wrong." I looked at his fingers and intertwined mine with his. "I get you Liz, but I will come over and we will spend some time together okay?", he said looking at me. I nodded and then he kissed me softly. I kissed him back and smiled.

We arrived in London at night and it rained. Typically for London though. We got out of the plane and there were loads of paparazzis waiting for us. I only could see the flashing lights while Harry got us somehow through the crowd. We got our stuff and got to the car. Harry was driving us home. When we arrived, we said goodbye to each other and then I got to my house. When I walked in it was very quiet. I looked around and nobody was there. What the hell? I put my stuff into my room and went i the backyard. "SUPRISE!!", everyone screamed. All of my friends and family were there. I almost started to cry. "Honey", my mum said hugging me. "I missed you so much" I sobbed a bit then hugged everyone else. Everyone was so happy to see me and I was happy to see everyone else. They asked me how the tour was and how the boys are. I had lots of fun with everyone and we celebrated a bit also. After hours everyone left and I was left with my parents in the living room. Mum and I cleaned everything and then sat down on the sofa. "So, how is it to be known by the whole world Honey?", she asked me. "I don't like it that much, but I can live with it though.", I smiled. My mum smiled at me bright. "I'm glad you are okay and you look so happy also. Uhm.. how's Harry?", she asked then. I blushed a little bit and looked at her. "He is fine and he.. actually wanted to come over tomorrow, if that's okay with you Mum" "No it's fine, haven't seen him in a while and I need to see my baby's boyfriend", she laughed. "You know him already Mum", I said, also laughing. "As your best friend, yes, but not as your boyfriend" I smiled. "Okay, Mum. I'm going to bed now, I'm really tierd and I need some sleep. Night", I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek, then leaving to my room. As I walked in, I grabbed my phone and I got to text messages. One was from Jenny and the other from Harry. I opened Jenny's first.

From: Jenny :) To: Liz

Hey sweerheart :-* I miss you so much already, I hope you come back soon. How's London so far? And call me soon please! love you xx

From: Liz To: Jenny :)

Hun, I miss you too :( And I will, I promise! It's great, I met all my friends and my family and we had a nice dinner tonight. I will call you later, I'm about to sleep now. love you xx


I smiled then and I put my phone away. I took my clothes of and put some PJs on and got into my bed. Then I took my phone again and opened Harrys text.

From: Harry<3 To: Liz

Hey babe, I hope you had fun tonight with your family :) Can't wait to see you and your family tomorrow. I miss you already. Sleep well my beauty. I love you <3

From: Liz To: Harry<3

Hey Haz, Thanks and yes I had so much fun tonight and my family can't wait either. Especially my mum is excited to see you ;) Well, I hope you had a great night also. I miss you too :-* I love you <3


As I pressed the 'send' button I put my phone on the nighttable and then I layed back into my bed, thinking about everything that happened. I don't know when, but I fell asleep some time. When I woke up the next morning, I looked at my clock. It was 11 am. Harry was about to come in one hour! I jumped out of my bed and ran to my closet. I searched some pretty clothes (http://www.polyvore.com/date/set?id=77640695 ), then I went to the bathroom to put some Make -Up on. Suddenly I heard my mother shout my name. 'Liz! Harry's here!" I smiled and ran downstairs, when I saw Harry standing there looking as beautiful as always. (http://25.media.tumblr.com/b16758306884e80581d049b6d14c8acf/tumblr_mkmn1yMxId1rqv2jbo1_500.jpg)

"Hey Harry", I said smiling and walking towards him. "Hey", he smiled, pulled me into a big hug and kissed my cheek. I blushed a bit and he grinned at me. "Hey Harry", my Mum said and smiled at him. "Hey Mrs. Spring. Everything's good?", he smiled. My mum nodded. "I was about to uhm, finish dinner. Wanna eat with us?" "I'd love to", he smiled and I guided him to the kitchen then. I helped Mum to prepare the dishes and so did Harry. As we sat down, it felt kinda awkward. "So.. how are you Harry?", my Mum said, breaking the silence. "I'm fine, thank you, Mrs. Spring", he answered. "Please, Harry just because you are dating my daughter now instead of being friends doesn't mean you have to call my by our last name. Just call me Cathrine as always", she smiled grabbing another piece of bread. He blushed a bit and so did I. "So how long are you two actually dating now?", she asked. "4 months I guess", I said and took another bit. After that we just had a bit of smalltalk and then, after cleaing up, Harry and me went outside for a walk. He grabbed my hand and we walked to a park. Of course we saw some paps too, but we didn't care. "What did you do with your family yesterday, love?", Harry asked as we sat down on a bench. "We had some kind of a party with my family and some of my friends. Granpa made a BBQ and it was fun though. What did you do?" "I was hanging out with my Mum though. She cried so much when she saw me and to be hoest I started to cry also", he said laughing a bit. I smiled and kissed him softly on his lips then. He kissed me back and pulled me closer.

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