Way Up To Heaven

They were best friends since birth, she went with him to the X-Factor audition and saw how he became a member of one of the most famous boybands in the world. Liz Spring and Harry Styles, best friends since day one, were doing everything together. But since Harry got famous everything changed, He hasn't enough time for her anymore. Too tired to call her in his freetime or to even text her. She is really sad about this and tries to get used to the situation, that she will never see Harry again.


10. Chapter 10

Now it was official, that me and Harry were dating. The news spread like a woodfire all around twitter and some people loved me being with Harry. They made cute pictures of me and Harry which I found all over tumblr and that was just too cute. Of course there was hate again, but I didn't care because I knew there were plenty more fans that loved us. Or better me being with Harry. We had a real good time during the tour and we spent much time with the boys also. Not just me and him. I mean, sometimes we just wanted to be the two of us, but other times we wanted to have fun with the boys. 

Tonight I had an huge interview to do. It was about me and Harry. Well, how things started and stuff like that. I was just worried about, what Harry would say when he would see it. Because he wasn't going to be there with me. I was all alone. But he would pick me up after. I got ready for the interview. I put on my clothes I picked for that and did my hair ( Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/tv_interview_with_harry/set?id=70599271 ) Then Harry picked me up and drove me to that interview. "Are you excited?", he asked when we stood infront of the building. "Kind of.. I don't know what they're gonna ask..", I said grabbing Harrys hands. "It's going to be fine. If you don't want to answer a question, just say, that that's too private okay?" He stroke my cheek and kissed my lips then. I nodded and let go of his hands. "Call me, when you're done, love", he said. "I will", I smiled and went inside. I was really nervous now and I was shaking a little bit. First I didn't want to do that interview and Harry neither, but they kept calling and asking for me doing this, so I said yes. I hope everything will go good. When I got inside, I went to the desk and there was a young lady. "How can I help you?", she asked. "I'm here for err... that interview about me and Harry Styles" After I said that, she had some weird look in her eyes and said: "Oh yeah, Liz Spring right? Follow me" I followed her into a big room with cameras and microphones and I saw a tall man. He was defenitly older than 40. "You must be Liz?", he welcomed me. "Yes I am" He offered me a seat and some people linked me with a micro and stuff. "I'm really glad you made it here. I hope this is going to be good" "Me too", I said smiling. Then the interviewer got his micro too and then it started.

"Hello New York! Welcome to 'Big Bright Hollywood'. Today we have a special guest, it's Liz Spring, Harry Styles girlfriend! Hey Liz, how are you?" "I'm great, thanks", I smiled. "So, I'm really glad you had time for us tonight. May I ask you the forst question. How is it, to firstly being on tour with One Direction? How are the boys backstage?", he asked me. "It's an amazing experience for me, really. It's so much fun performing on stage, even though it's only one song. I really love the feeling on stage, with the fans of the boys and stuff. It makes me happy though. I love it. And to the boys.. well they are as freaky as they are on stage and anywhere else. Zayn is always checking his hair and stuff and Niall is always hungry. If he doesn't get food he will be dying. That's what he said", I laughed. The interviewer laughed too and then he then went on asking me. "Wow, that wasn't what I expected. I thought the guys were quiet backstage but you never know. But we are not here to talk about the boys. We are here to talk about you and Harry. So how did you two met?" I smiled and then I told him our story.

It was my first day in kindergarten and I was crying at my mothers chest. "I don't want to go there Mummy, please" "Honey, don't worry.. they all will be nice to you" "I want you to stay Mummy", I cried. "I will pick you up at 12 am Liz.", she said, kissing my head and letting me on the floor. "Mummy", I still cried. "I love you, Honey", she said and she was gone. I was still crying and I was running outside, looking for Mummy. After a while of looking for her, I just sat down on the ground and cried again. Why was Mummy leaving me alone for hours? Does she hate me? I cried more and more and all of a sudden a small boy, with striaght hair went up to me and said: "Do you want to play 'Hide and Seek' with me? It's going to be fun.", he smiled. I nodded, stood up and we played the game. It was pretty much fun though. After a while of playing I asked the boy for his name. "My name's Harold, what's yours?" "I'm Liz", I smiled. "Can we be friends Liz?", he asked. I laughed and hugged him. We were only 3 years old though.

"That's a cute story", the interviewer smiled. "Yeah it is, since that we are best friends" He smiled again. "And when did you knew that there was more than just friendship?", he continued. "When he got to the X-Factor, I guess. After I knew that he was going to be, away for some time.. I started to miss him more and more, sometimes I even cried because I missed him that much..", I looked at the ground fighting with my tears. "He always called me though, but I still wanted to see him. After he was out of the X-Factor with the boys, he came home and I finally saw him again, but I couldn't tell him about my feelings. Then, when he told me One Direction is going on tour and all that stuff, I knew that it was too late to tell him. I cried myself to sleep at night and..", suddenly tears were running down my face. I pulled out a handkerchief adn wipped them away. "Sorry", I said, but the interviewer just smiled. "It's okay. So what happened then? How did you two got together?" Then I told him, kind of the whole story. How Mia called him for my birthday, I didn't tell him about the drunk part, that would have been bad for me. I told him how I talked with Louis about all this and how I finally told Harry. I said it in short sentence, not giving away too much. I was proud of myself. Me, Liz Spring, did an whole interview all alone! After the interview was done, I took a deep breath and went outside calling Harry. "Babe", he said. "You're finished?" "Yes, could you pick me up now?" "Yep, be there in a minute"; he said and hung up. I waited ouside even though it was cold. Suddenly I could see some girls coming over to me. "Aren't you Harry Styles girlfriend?", a brown haired girl asked. I nodded. "Oh my god really? We saw you on the concert a few days ago and you were amazing! Can we take a picture with you?" "Uhm, sure", I smiled and we made a quick picture. "Thank you so much Liz! And by the way, you and Harry make such a cute couple.", she smiled and went off. Wow, that was so nice of them. I smiled and looked at them again. 

After Harry picked me up, we all sat down in front of the TV because the interview was going to be up there. I was really nervous and I hoped, that Harry wouldn't be angry with me for what I told them. Finally the interview started and all watched me talking silently. After the interview it was very quiet though. It scared the fuck out of me. "Sooooo...", I started. "You did a good job Liz", Louis said. I sighed. Thanks god. "That's great. I hope I didn't say anything wrong?", I said looking at Harry. "No, it was fine what you said", he smiled and kissed my cheek. I smiled too. Me and Harry decided to go to bed earlier, because we wanted to run in the morning. We fell asleep very fast and woke up at 6 am. We both got dressed and got outside. We ran through the city, to the park and back. When we were at the park, a group of girls came along and talked with us. I could see that one girl, which asked me for a photo last night. I recognized her. "Oh my god, it's Harry Styles and Liz Spring!", one of the girls said out loud. I had to smile and looked at them. "Hey guys", Harry said and gave them all a small hug. Then they took pictures with us and then wanted to leave, but I pulled that one girl back. "Wait", I said. "I have met you last night right?" She nodded. "Yes, it can't believe we met again!" I smiled. I looked at Harry  then back at the girl. "So err.. would you.. mind hanging out with.. eh... us?", I asked her. She looked at me shooked. "Well, you see, I don't have much girls around me while being on tour with the boys. Sure i got, Perrie, Elenour and Danielle, but I need someone 'normal'. Someone who's not known because of the boys. You know?", I looked at her begging. I really needed a new, normal friend right now. "Well.. if you don't mind", she said smiling. I smiled back. "No I don't and Harry neither, right?", I said looking at him. "Yeah, that should be okay", he smiled. "Oh, I forgot, what's your name?", I asked her while walking back to the hotel. "I'm Jenny", she said. I smiled and we got back to the hotel room. As we were inside, Harry went for a shower and me and Jenny sat on the couch. "Can I ask you something?", Jenny asked. "Sure", I smiled. "Is it really okay for you, that I'm here? I mean I know the.. boys want some privacy and I really don't know how I react if they would actually come through the door" I laughed a little bit. "Don't worry. It's okay for me and for Harry and I bet the others will be okay with that too. They need to understand, that I need someone normal in my live", I laughed and Jenny joined in. "Harry came out of the shower with only a towel, I guess he forgot Jenny was there. Right after he noticed he went a little red, smiled and got in our room. "Sorry for saying this, but this was really amazing right now", Jenny laughed. "Yeah", I smiled. 

"Do you want to sleep here tonight?", I asked Jenny after I got my shower. "If you don't mind..", she said. "No I don't. If the boys come later we should put some blankets on the floor an pillows. Like a little sleepover party thing!" "That would be cool", she said and smiled. "When are the boys coming Harry?" "In a few", he said and in exactly that moment, the boys came in. "Hey guys!", I said, stood up annd hugged all of them. "Let me introduce you to my new friend Jenny, she's sleeping here tonight.. if you don't mind." "Well I don't", Niall said immediatly. I looked at Niall and grinned. I saw how Jenny blushed and then the boys hugged her. We then went to dinner and got to know Jenny better. She actually was from Germany and went here for an exchange year. She had 1 sister and lived with her mum at home. I really liked her, she was a bit like me. After dinner we got back home. Me and Harry got to bed while the others sat in the living room. "She's a nice girl and I think Niall got an eye on her", Harry said when we cuddled up in bed. "Yeah, I think so too. I think we should.. try to let them get closer I think." "Maybe" I looked up to Harrys face and smiled at him, then I sat on him and kissed him passionatly. He grinned into the kiss and then I let go. "I love you", I said. "I love you" We both smiled and I got back next to him. Then I fell asleep immediatly and I dreamed about a night. Harry's first audition. I still don't know why I dreamed about this night. But I liked the memories though.

It was very early when we got to the hall were the X-Factor audition where. There were loads of people and Harry was really excited. "Oh my god, I'm so nervous. What if they don't want me?", he said holding my hand and looking at me. "They will love you Hazza! You are amazing at singing and you know that!" He hugged me. "Thank you, Liz." I smiled. We got inside and Harry was one of the first to sing infront of Simon and the other judges. We got backstage with him and when he got out on the stage, I was shaking. I was really nervous also, but I knew he would make it. When he started to sing 'Isn't she lovely' I really got goosbumbs and the crowd was amazed by his voice. Everyone screamed and clapped and the judges were impressed. He got three 'yes' and when he came back to us I hugged him and I saw a few tears in his eyes. "Haven't I told you Harry?", I said laughing a bit. He laughed and continued hugging me. When we got home, we celebrated and had a sleepover at his place.

I smiled during dreaming this. It was a wonderful day back then and Harry didn't stop smiling the whole day and the days after. I loved seeing him happy. I loved being happy with him.

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