Way Up To Heaven

They were best friends since birth, she went with him to the X-Factor audition and saw how he became a member of one of the most famous boybands in the world. Liz Spring and Harry Styles, best friends since day one, were doing everything together. But since Harry got famous everything changed, He hasn't enough time for her anymore. Too tired to call her in his freetime or to even text her. She is really sad about this and tries to get used to the situation, that she will never see Harry again.


1. Chapter 1

Normally I'm not the type for partying, but since my best friend decided to not text or call me for months, I decided to go out with my girlfriends. I still couldn't understand why he can't take one fucking minute to send me a "Hey Princess, I miss you xo Harry"

It was hard for me, not to talk with him, but I forced myself not to be the first one to write. No I won't give him satifaction. If I still mean something to him HE will text or call me.

I was standing in front of my closet, trying to find something wearable for the party I was going to. It was the birthday party of, well it was my birthday party. I wasn't really excited for it because I knew, that Harry wasn't going to be there when I was turning eightteen. So I picked my short white summer dress which had only one white stripe in the middle. I also put on tights and flat shoes. I hated those High Heels things to death and I couldn't walk with them either. After I put on my clothes I walked in the bathroom to do my hair and put on some Make - Up.

I did'nt put on much, because I wanted to look naturally, not like a whore. When I was done I grabbed my bag and went downstairs.

"You look beautiful honey", my mother said and hugged me shortly. "Have fun at your party and take care of yourself." I nodded and went outside. There I saw my best friend Mia waiting in her car. "Come on Liz! The party can't start without you!", she laughed and I got to the car and went inside. "Sorry, I didn't know what to wear", I said smiling. "It's okay. Oh I hope you will be suprised today. I got you a very very huge present!" I signed. "What do you understand by, that I don't want any gifts, Mia?" She just laughed and pressed on the gas. "I bet you will be fucking thankful for that present, oh yes you will!", she said and this was the last thing I heard before we came to the club my party was. I did not understand what she was saying, but I didn't ask her either. When we got inside, everything was decorated very nice and it was not too much. I still couldn't imagine how much this must have cost my parents. I went to a table with Mia where some other friends welcomed me and her. As we sat down, a moderator came on stage and then began to talk.


"So first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LIZ! Don't drink to much girl.", he laughed and everyone joined in. "This is the very first present and you don't even need to open it! And, it's from your friend Mia!" I looked at her and I had no clue what was going on. "Let's all welcome the birthday present!", he said and went off the stage.

All lights went off and a very familiar music started to play.




My head turned to the stage and I could see five shadows on there. Then two lights went on and I could see who this people were. I looked at Mia and she was just smiling like a dog, having her eyes on the stage. I looked back and the two boys in the light were Niall and Zayn, looking at me and smiling. Then the next two lights went on and there were Liam and Louis. They sang the song and at the part were they sang "goodbye, baby you don't have to worry, I'll be coming back for you, back for you,..", the last light went on and I could see a bright smiling Harry looking at me.



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