Now Or Never (Liam Payne Fanfic, Squeal to Because of Payne)

Liam & Alison are once again reuntied in Wolverhampton, England . Passion , Love , Fights , Regret , Summer love . <3


4. Plans


Mark and I got ready to go to a very high class fancy restaurant . I wore a lone laces black and biege dress and mark wore a matching tux and as soon as we stepped out , paparazzi everywhere . Being famous had its downsides . 
We got in our car and drove to the fancy reateruant called "the rose" and we were escorted to where we met Adrianna and Adam . 
When we finished our dinner we still wanted to be out . "Let's drive to Wolverhampton " suggested Adrianna "great " agreed mark before I could protest . I didn't want anything to do with that town ! L-L-Liam lived there . And just so happens that he's not on tour . 
Fuck . My . Life . Adrianna suddenly knew what I was thinking of so she pulled me over . "What are the chances you'll run it to him. " she said "knowing my luck...." I said . She just sighed in disbelieve . I mean ... I might not run into him . Maybe just maybe , he'll be in Ireland with Niall ? Oh what the fuck am I kidding , I knowww imma run into him . So I just have to prepare myself . 
We packed for three days , but we were only gonna be there tonight and come back towmarrow night . 
Note : IM SORRY for the dumb chapter , this is just a bad intro to a good new chapters !


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