Now Or Never (Liam Payne Fanfic, Squeal to Because of Payne)

Liam & Alison are once again reuntied in Wolverhampton, England . Passion , Love , Fights , Regret , Summer love . <3


2. Mark

It's very sad to know that you and that person once had the world and now your basically strangers .

After are huge fight, Liam and I lost contact. Sad right ? After we lost contact I got anorexic and anxiety attacks almost everyday . Adrianna and Zayn decied it was best to move on , they couldnt be toghter becuase theny never saw each other . He was always on tour and she was always modeling ,

Now its 3 years later and I found Mark . He helped me go threw anorexica and he called me beautiful even though ... i wasn't  . He has a way with words , he know what to do and when to do it , right now i'm back to my normal weight and im back to modeling , Mark is a rugbee player and he always makes time for me anytime I need him he's always there . Not matter what . And thats why i love him , to the moon and back ...

Alisons POV 


"Babe" he whispered softly "What is it love?" I whisperd back . "I think it time to get up we have a busy day ahead of us" He said in a innresitable morning vocie . "But i like this , i like it just you and I here in bed watching the world move without us , just here feeling your warmth , your love , i don't want to move a bit " I said with meaning ."Okay just for 10 minutes" He spoke faintly . 

For about 2 hours we just layed their in scilne , not the bad kind , the kind that your speak through sclince , the knid where it's so quiet that you hear eachother breathe , the good kind .

"Baby we should really get up " he said poping his p. "I guess" i whined . He gave a low manly chuckle and got up to strech , while streching he mucular , smooth , glowing body synced with him . He was inressitable , He has the darkest brown tone color of hair you'll ever find , Blue-green eyes with long lovley lashes , toned mucular body , he was simply perfect ... and only mines .

We both got ready for our morning jog , ate breakfast and off went.

"Baby , our 3 aniversary is in 2 weeks " i said while jooging alongside him. "I know babe" He said glancing over to me to smile "And so is my Fashion show" I said . He stoped jogging and so did I "We'll make it work just like we make everything work babe , have no worries " He said . He was just about to start jogging again when i grabed his wrist and held him back . I pressed my lips to his soft melting , sweaty ones and we synced toghter moving our lips to a slow rythm  ."Your all I ever wanted" I whisperd in his ear "I love you" he said back , everytime he said 'I love you' I melted , just those 3 simple word was all I needed to make me sure I was his , and only his .


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