Now Or Never (Liam Payne Fanfic, Squeal to Because of Payne)

Liam & Alison are once again reuntied in Wolverhampton, England . Passion , Love , Fights , Regret , Summer love . <3


5. Liam

"Let's talk " I pulled Adriana aside as soon as we got to our hotel . She already knew what was coming so she was scared . "Okay I know ... I'm sorry , I snapped out of it for a second " she said before I could speak . I pulled out a ciggarette and lit it up . The smoke was inhaling and exhaling out of me it felt so relaxing . "Alright tell Mark imma take a walk and meet you guys at Starbucks after " I said instantly forgiving her . She just nodded and walked away waving . 
I walked to a nearby park and sat on the bench . It was freezing cold and my behinds felt like it froze of . I once again pulled out another cigarette and soon lit it up , before I could speak flashback took over me . 
(Flashback ) 
"BABE , it's late !" Liam groaned in a sleepy voice . "I know but I'm not tired " I said being extra hyper . "Let's bake a cake then" he said suddenly getting up from his sofa . "YES" I yelled . "Let me put on a shirt " he said , I was fully dressed so I just stood there taking in what was happening , this summer I didn't expect to ever reconnect with any of the boys after the tour , and now I was dating the love of my life . Liam , I loved him unconditionally . I was completely dedicated to him . I love Liam James Payne . Soon the smell of lavender air freshenr filled the air . I was wearing plain light washed skinny jeans and a black plain hoodie and my hair up in a bun . Liam soon came out wearing black sweats , and a gray v-neck . He knew I couldn't resist him when he wore a v-neck , I just wanted to kiss him all day . But of course that would be observed . "Let's go babe " he said picking up his keys from the coffee table and holding on to my hand tightly . As soon as we stepped out side the cold air hit both of us . He slightly grasped my hand a little tighter and I wrapped myself around his arm to keep him warmer . "I'm cold " he said stuttering "I can tell babe , why didn't you put on a sweater ?" I asked "didn't think it was this cold " he said before hopping in his car . That whole night we made cakes and cookies and brownies . It ended with a cup of tee sitting in front of the fire place cuddling , perfect (end of flashback ).
Tears filled my eyes but I was trying not to cry , to bad . I was bawling my eyes and thinking of Liam . I know I'm never gonna forget him , ever . 
When I was done crying I wiped my eyes and hoped to go back to the hotel , I just wanted to sleep the pain away I knew I had to wake up to reality in couple hours and it sucked . I have to start walking and tripped , of course with my clumsy ass . I saw a figure jog towards me , the figure was wearing jogging clothes , he was in shape and look awfully familiar . 
Could it be ? No no ! I mean it can't be Liam ! 
And soon enough when the man jogged up to me to help me off the grass , it.was....Liam ! 
When he got to me he noticed it was me , the girl who cheated on him with one of his bestfriends , the girl who he loved , the girl who he left to die of anxiety ... 
His face changed , it was now bitter , sad , and slightly happy . I got up all by myself very fast of all the shock in my body . I must admit I was so angerd and so happy to see Liam . To see that he is alright , without me ... To see he was looking better than ever , without me ... 
I just stood there in shock . And before I knew it I just leeched to him . I hugged him so tight . Everything felt right "I'm miss you , I've missed you so much " I cryed into his chest he just hugged me back and cryed along . "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry " I cried even harder gasping for air , he just hugged me tighter . "I can't believe it's you , I've missed you so much " he finally spoke . I didn't want to ever move from this moment I never wanted to leave Liam . We both have done fucked up shit to each other , but we love each other to much to let go. 
Liam's POV 
I can't believe it her , Alison . I'd never thought I'd see her again . Ever . And now I have her wrapped onto me and admitting that she misses me and that she's sorry . This is perfect , I still love her . Never forgot about her . Never was planing on forgetting her , she's mine , and always will be . 
Alison's POV 
Liam pulled away . He wiped my tears off my face and held my face "how are you " he said tearfully "I'm a fucked up mess " I amited . At this moment we put back everything that happend , and we were just focused on each other . The wind blew and my hair blew to my face . "Your eyes , they're baggy . You were crying , why?" He said. , after 3 years he still knew every detail about me . "Liam I went anorexic and had anxiety attacks every damn day . I almost died , I did self harm. Liam I never forgot you Liam you were the love of my life how could I forget you? Liam I'm dead inside , nothing matters . Nothing has matters sense you left me . And now I see you suddenly and nothing matters to me ... But you , I was crying because I was thinking of ... You ." I studded on the last few words .


*WOO , hoped you liked this chapter , I work EXTREMELY hard on this let me know what you think *


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