Now Or Never (Liam Payne Fanfic, Squeal to Because of Payne)

Liam & Alison are once again reuntied in Wolverhampton, England . Passion , Love , Fights , Regret , Summer love . <3


3. Adrianna

"WE.NEED.TO.GO" Adri yelled as she entered my flat . "I'm comming , im comming gosh " I said struggling to put on my last heel . "Come-on little bitch" She laughed and so did I . She looked perfect as always , she was wearing : And I was wearing : , we were about to go get lunch . Mark had already left to practice he was having his last game of the season in 5 weeks . "you look fab" She sqeaked , sure she had grown up but her squeaky voice never left  her . "Nandos?" she questioned as I gave her a small thumbs up for approval . She drove off...

At Nandos we sat down and orderd qucikly we have to get to a booking in 3 hours so we had plenty time . The nandos we always went to had put up a new picture of Niall and Dave (The owner) , when I saw that i quickly ran out of air inside me , I felt like i was drowing in a pool of sadness . Nothing felt right . "i-I need some air Adri" I said and quickly got up and rushed outside . Adrianna didnt seem to know what was wrong with me so she stayed inside and got on her phone . I got out my phone and called my only sourse of happiness , My boyfriend . "Hey babe what's up" He said imaditly picking up "Am I interupting practice or anything babe?" I asked not wanting to get gim introuble for talking on the phone . "No baby we actually were out to have lunch " he said "Oh . well i just wanted to say hi and ask what time will you be back?" I asked "Like around 9 , darling" he said and we said our goodbyes and ended out conversation . I took a deep breath and went back inside .

After the booking adri dropped me off at home . "Alright Like around 10 be ready because we are going to dinner . You , Me , Mark & Adam (Adris boyfriend) ." she said smiling . I already knew where , every saturday all 4 of us to a nearby restaurant . I gave her a small smile and walked inside my flat . 

* HEY GUYS !  I hope your injoning this so far , i've been working really hard on this fanfic . PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW & LIKE <3 thanks have a nice Friday , atleast it's friday in florida !

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