Panem, the new nightmare


1. My fantasy dissapearing very quickly

I didn't know that our lives would end up this way. I thought it was alright I guess, before the reaping where Katniss voluteered. I remebered that moment so well. It was my first time in going to the reaping because I had turned 12, like Prim. We were all standing in lines, I was standing near Vick and Prim, I could see her shaking, I knew it was so unlikely for us to get picked to go to the arena so I wasn't that scared. The only people I was scared for were my brother, Gale and Katniss, Prim's sister. They couldn't get picked, I just couldn't let it happen, I had this little fantasy all worked out. Gale and Katniss would get married and they would look after all four of us children. They were like our parents anyway because our mothers were working all the time. Both of our dads were dead too, they died in the same mining accident when I was about 6.

Katniss was like a sister and a mother to me, she said that she would teach me how to hunt one day, she is such a brave girl and would do anything for anyone of us, like she did with Prim. I remember when Prim's name was called out by Effie Trinket, my heart stopped and I bet Katniss' did aswell. I was standing behind her and I could see her shaking more than she was before, then her fists clenched and she started walking forward. I looked around trying to find Gale, would he do something? I saw his face and he lowered his head and I could see him breathing deeply. I decided to do the same to calm myself, otherwise I might have screamed out but before I could I heard a shout. I was Katniss, she was screaming,

"Prim! Prim!" She started to make her way towards Prim and she shot a look at the stage and shouted, "I volunteer!...I voluteer!" Prim screamed, "No, no!" Katniss kneeled down and hugged her. It broke my heart to see this happening to us, we were like a family, what was going to happen to Katniss in the Arena, this was breaking us apart. I looked over to Vick who I knew was thinking exactly the same thing.

What happened that day was going to change our lives forever, we all knew it, but it just didn't turn out the way we expected.


When Katniss came back from the Arena, she was a hero. But she came back with one dissapointment we didn't like. She came back with Peeta. We all saw her kiss him on that huge screen we watched it on, I remember seeing Gale's face. He didn't look sad just...dissapointed, we all were, exept the Capitol. They loved it that two contestants in the Arena had a romance going on and they couldn't wait until they had to fight each other, waiting to see what would happen. That showed them, when two contestants came back, that showed them how clever my Katniss was, how she tricked them like that. But I didn't like Peeta one little bit, he ruined my fantasy.

I talked to Prim about this, she was suprisingly cool about it, I thought she would be just as angry as I am.

"Seriously Rory, you need to chill, Peeta's actually quite cool." Prim said as she smiled. I shook my head and went off. I tried to find Katniss around the area but she was no where to be found, she was probably off with Peeta. I hope she knew this was ruining my future, she would be very happy with Peeta, leave Gale heart broken, leave Vick, Prim, Posy and I with no family in the future and leave Panem still in the powerful shadow of the Capitol.

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