Lost in Love


1. Summmmmmmerrr !!

Finishing off my math test getting ready to hear the bell ring for the last day of school although im not going anywhere this summer im damn excited. 'BRIIING" yes FINALLY IM DONE SCHOOL oh wait a second "WOOOOOOOH" I scream as I ran out the school doors with everybody I know I didn't finish my math test but honestly I really don't care. As I walk up the bus I sit beside my best friend Shelsy I knew her since kindergarden and yes she's honestly the bestest friend ever. I walk up to her and sit beside her on the bus all we do is scream and talk about are summer though I heard she's going to Paris, its probably 'cause of her mom, ya their really rich. So I hug Shelsy and told her i'd call her as soon as I can so I walked out the bus and ran home eager to tell my mom everything I take my key out and open the door as soon as im in the house I have a phone call from Shelsy "Hello Beige you there" "ya" I said "YOU HAVE TO COME TO MY HOUSE NOOOW" "Why..?" "BECAUSE ONE-" "Okay Bye" I hanged up what was she gonna say oh well i'll find out later. So since mom and dad aren't home I just decided to leave so I put on something cute and put my hair in a bun and got out the house I lock the door and rode my bicycle as fast as I can to her house. When I got there I parked my bicycle (sounds weird xD) and saw her dads car he must be home. So I knocked on the door and waited then Shelsy's mom opened the door "Hi Beige do you want to see Shelsy?" "Yes please Mrs. Wilson" I said "okay then come in" she smiled wide " Okay thank you" I smiled back "Shelsy!!, Beige is here" I take out my shoes she bolts like a cheetah down her expensive spiral stairs and leads me to her room I follow her "Shelsy what are yo-" I cant belive what she just showed me how did she get One Direction in her house? 

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