We just need to talk... - A Movellas Memory

Another memory that I never published... Because we were all duped. Horribly duped.

Biggest waste of time in my life. And I've done a lot of things for a lot of people that I don't agree with.


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Soliloquy: For Bryony


When the scars seem to scream, and the windows call to you.

When the deep waters wail, and the noose seems to laugh.

When the knife on the worktop begs and bawls at you.

When all you think is ‘Enough is Enough.’


When their sharp tongues slash at your mind.

When their false faces smile, preening in glee.

When their hollow words leave you stunted behind.

When all you can think is ‘Something is wrong with me.’


When you search and find no pity in a single soul.

When you see all eyes unaware of your sorrow.

When you think all amicable arms are foul.

When all you think is ‘nothing but darkness is on the morrow.’


When you peer at you pain and see your scars:

Your pleasure diminished and your beauty marr’d.

See past your sorrow and look beyond

To those who love you; of those you are fond.


Those that wrought evil on you shall see justice one day:

And theirs shall be a costly price to pay.


Now, though, you owe a special someone a debt:

There are things to settle and terms to be met.

This special someone, in the mirror you’ll find;

And she’ll be saying, “We’ve catching-up to do, you’re behind.”


So life up your chin: your flowers bloom, your fruit is ripe –

   You are as a tiger that has earned her stripes.

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