Nothing Like You And Me <3

16 year old Josephine lives together with her mom while her dad is soldier in a war, and one day something happen... One day the whole life was shit. She met a boy one time. He disappeared. What was she supposed to do? She just knew that every time she was trying to forget him, her feelings got stronger.


3. Stradfort here we come!


"We can make the sun shine in the moon light,  

We can make the grey clouds to the blue skies, 
I know it's hard, 
Baby believe... me"


We just landed in Toronto, Canada. It looks like my hometown, Boston. In about a half hour we was going to take a Train to Stadford, a little town with about 31.000 people. I love to visit small towns! There's peace and freedom! I'll try to have some fun in the next 3 weeks, and try to forget a little about my dad.


Right now I am sitting on a chair outside the airport while I look at all the children that walks by on the streets, they all pay attention to there own ice cream, while they are trying to eat it before it melt. I love June. It's warm and there is some hot guys walking around... many hot guys. I looked at them while I was acting like I just looked around, cause my mom shouldn't know that I was looking at hot shirtless boys. My mom is like a teenager but still... she's my mom, and somethings you only talkes about with your friends. Like I've said before.


"Honey, who are you looking at?" My mom is sitting in front of me and now she look me right in the eyes. A scary feeling.

"nothing" I lied

"Yes you do. I know that there is many hot guys here but you have a boyfriend!" Why should she shout it out loud?! This is really akward...

"Mooooom, stop shout it out so loud." I wishper.

I really hate when she shout things like that about me. It's so embarrassing.


My boyfriend is called Jack. He's not a good boyfriend at all, but the one time I told him he'd punch me. I'm afraid of him but I can't leave. It's the worst feeling EVER!

I've never tild my mom what he does to me, and if she ask me why I have bruises on my arms I just hide them and say that I fell. I bet she don't believe me but she'll never think that it's Jack that have made them...

He's always so sweet when we are home at me and my mom can see us, but alone he's a jerk. I don't really care about him at all. Now I have a time away from him and I'll get a summer flirt cause he's cheasing on me. I know that. I have seen him kissing on other girls in the school. Now it's MY turn to chease on HIM.

I contune looking at all the shirtless guys and I start to forget about Jack.



In the time I have been thinking my mom already leaved, and she's on her way to the Train. I was running after her and finaly I walked by her side.


”Why didn't you say that you leaved?” I was confused cause she normal told me 100 times when she leaves. ”I did” She anweard. ”Sorry, I just didn't heard you” I slowly said. ”I know, you was looking like you was in another world”

”I bet I was” I just said, and I felt like I was in two world right now. This world & my own thinking world.


We were now standing in a line waiting for the train. The walls were made of glass. I look at myself...

A pink t-shirt, a black and pink cap and some black skinny jeans. I look good!

Now I can see the train and thank god, cause I'm really tired! After we found a place to sit i fell asleep in less than a minute...


Thank You for reading guys!

It means so much to me!

Please leave a comment about what u think!


Much Love <3

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