Nothing Like You And Me <3

16 year old Josephine lives together with her mom while her dad is soldier in a war, and one day something happen... One day the whole life was shit. She met a boy one time. He disappeared. What was she supposed to do? She just knew that every time she was trying to forget him, her feelings got stronger.


10. It's 15:39!

"It's how you take my breath away,

Fill the words that I don't say.

I wish somehow,

I could say them now."


*Josephine's Perspective*


We had been sleeping for about a half hour but I was awake now.

"She's so cute" I could hear Justin say. We still laid down together on his bed. Not talking, just doing nothing. I turned around to see why Justin said 'She's so cute' and I saw that he was sleeping. He look so peace full when he sleep - like a little boy. I couldn't stop smiling.

"Who's cute" I asked just for fun. I knew that he couldn't hear me, but I'll ask him when he wake up anyway.

"You" He said and opened his eyes.

"I thought that you sleept?" I shouldn't really be a question, but I said it in a way so it sounded like a question.

"But I wasn't" He said and gave me a wry smile.

"I can see. I have eyes in my head Justin. Just so you know." I said and laught a little. He did the same.




*Justin's Perspective*


We had been slepping for a little while, but we both was awake now, but she didn't knew that I was awake so I closed my eyes and tried to act liike I was sleeping.

"She's so cute" I said. This was going to be fun. I could feel that Josephine was turning around and now was looking at me.

"Who's cute" she asked, and this was the best time to make a joke.

"You" I said and I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I was smiling.

"I thought that you sleept" She said and it sounded like a question so ofcorse I answeard her.

"But I wasn't" I didn't know what else to say so that had to be my answear right now, I guess. I gave her my wry smile.

"I can see. I have eyes in my head Justin. Just so you know" she said and laught a little. I did the same. She's beautiful.

"I promise you, that I'll never be rude to you sweety" It feel right to call her sweety, and I guess she liked it, cause she smiled. She also smiled before but -  You Know

I have never felt THIS way about a girl before, but I like it. I like the way she take my breath away. I'm glad to be here with her, she's so...

"OMG what's the clock?" She asked me.

"Uhm..." I looked at my watch. "Oh shit! It's 15:39! We need to hurry!" She was going to be home in like 6 minuttes!

"OH SHIT!" she said and we both sat up.

"We need to get you home now. My grandparents have a car and I can drive. They don't live far away from here."

"Okay. Thanks Justin"

We said goodbye to my mom, and ran over to my grandparents, and sat in the car. We talked the whole way until we reached her the hotel. 5 minuttes late... SHIT!



So... what will Josephine's mom say when he see Justin?

-Comment what you think!


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