Nothing Like You And Me <3

16 year old Josephine lives together with her mom while her dad is soldier in a war, and one day something happen... One day the whole life was shit. She met a boy one time. He disappeared. What was she supposed to do? She just knew that every time she was trying to forget him, her feelings got stronger.


8. "I'll beat the fuck out off..."

To My boyfriend Jack:

"Who do you think you are?

Running 'round leaving scars.

Collecting your jar of hearts.

And tearing love apart"


After the akward episode with Pattie, where it looked like we were going to kiss, it was a little... akward.

"I'm really sorry about that" Justin said again and again

"It's okay. She just came at the wrong time, while it was looking like we was going to kiss!" I said to him while i laught a little. He laught too and then the silence came again. But like the last time... the silence wasn't akward.

"Let's ask aeach other some quastions" He asked me.

"Yea, that sounds like a good idea!. You first."

"Well... What is your favorite color?"

"I have 2" I smiled "Blue and purple"

"Yes!" Justin yelled and my heart keeped a beat, 'cuz I got a shock.

"Why do you say yes?"

"Is that your first quastion?"

"I just want to know why!" We both tryed to look mad, but before 10 secounds we both couldn't look mad any longer.

"But if you want to know why, It must be a quastion" He laugh

"Just forget it" I said and hit him in the side just for fun... and he knew that.

"Okay then. I said yes because my 2 favorite colors is blue and purple too! Your turn" He said and smiled

"Okay, well... Have you ever had a girlfriend before?"

"Yes, but i never had a serious realationship"

"A heart breaker?" I asked for fun

"Maybe" he looked down at the floor and it looked like he was sad

"What's wrong?" I asked. I was a little woried

"I WAS a heart breaker, and now I guess that you leave me?" He said with pain in his voice. I don't like when boys are heartbreakers, but he said that he WAS a heartbreaker, not that he IS. I should give him a change. We have only knew each other for some hours and he was already afraid that I'll leave him. I'm afraid that he'll leave me too, when I tell him that I have a boyfriend at home. I guess that we both like each other and I won't let his past and my now time stop the thing we have together. We're not boy- and girlfriend, but we like each other. That's the point.

"I won't leave you, Justin. And iI have something I wan't to tell you" Now he was looking at me... worried, but also happy in some way, maybe because a said that I wouldn't leave him?

"What it is?"

"I have a... I have a boyfriend at home" He was shocked. SHIT!

"Then we can't date..." He looked really sad

"I can break up with him"

"I don't wanna ruine something you have to another guy"

"Please. He have been a jerk!"

"What do you mean Josephine?" I could clealy see that he was confused.

"He's together with other girls, while he's together with me. He punch and kick me, and he forced me to do thing I don't want to. And the worst thing is that I can't leave him, cause..." I was in panic. Thinking about me and Jack together always make me angry and sad.

"I'm sorry. Don't cry. Just let me meet him and I'll beat the fuck out of... What is he called?"


"I'll beat the fuck out of Jack" I could see that he was angry. Really angry.

"I don't think you can. He's very strong..."

"I have friends..."




This chapter it very short, but I'll post it now because It's a while since i poste the last chapter.

I'm sorry <3

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