Nothing Like You And Me <3

16 year old Josephine lives together with her mom while her dad is soldier in a war, and one day something happen... One day the whole life was shit. She met a boy one time. He disappeared. What was she supposed to do? She just knew that every time she was trying to forget him, her feelings got stronger.


4. Getting ready!

"And now it's clear to me

that everything you see

ain't always what it seems"



My dad walks up to me. I'm confused... Isn't he dead?!?

This is really strange but I like it. I miss my dad!

"Josephine!" A voice creams my name. It can't be my dad... It's a female voice.

My eyes slowly starts to open and I start to cry. Not because I had a bad dream, but because the dream wasn't real.

"Josephine we're in Stratford now and... why are you crying? Did you had a nightmare?"

"I'm on my way I just need to get my jacket on, and no I didn't had a nightmare"

"But why are you..."

I know what she's going to say, so I start to talk before she finish the line.

"Because the dream wasen't real. I don't want to think about it."


On the way out of the train there was a lot of people so it was hard to see my mom, but I made it. i just can't stop thinking about the dream I had before.




"Are you Mis. Janeywood?" A man ask very gently. I guess he works here "Yes I am" my mom says whith a smile on her face. The man handled my mom two keys. The hotel is pretty. It's not huge, but it's full with love and makes me feel safe.

We are going to our rooms and I'm really exited!

I slowly open the door to my room and it looks like something from a movie! It's beautifull! I bet I can live here the next 3 weeks!

It has been a long day so we go to the resturant at the hotel and get some food. I was really hungry so I ate a lot, maybe too much but I don't care. 

When we was done eating wo got to bed and I fell asleep as fast as I did on the train. What can I say?... I'm good at sleeping and I love it!

This is going to be a jouney that I'll never forget, I can feel it.

I'm getting ready for an amazing time in Stratford




I'm sorry that the chapters it so short but I rather to post small chapters often than post big chapters with a long time between.

And if you want to write this story with me just ask :)


Thank for the support

I love you guys <3




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