Nothing Like You And Me <3

16 year old Josephine lives together with her mom while her dad is soldier in a war, and one day something happen... One day the whole life was shit. She met a boy one time. He disappeared. What was she supposed to do? She just knew that every time she was trying to forget him, her feelings got stronger.


6. Can we go...

"The first day is always the best

It could be love or a beautiful mess

But you just don't know so you gotta go

along for the ride"


"My name is Josephine" I tell them.

"That's a beautiful name" It's Justin.

"Thank you Justin."

Justin, Ryan and Chaz is looking good, and they seems sweet too.

"Do you want to walk with us?" It's Justin who ask me. He have a beautiful smile.

"Yea, for sure" I just couldn't say no to this guys!

We walk down the street and no one said a word. It's not even akward.

"You're beautiful" shock! Since we just walked through the street i didn't expected that they would say anything. Especially not something like that.

"Aww... Thank you and you don't look bad yourself" Justin is just so cute! I wonder what he feel about me... I mean he said that I have a beautiful name and that I'm beautiful too.

"Thankzzz" I almost can't hold a laugh back when he says it. It just sounds funny.

"Hey hey hey" Ryan and Chaz said together.

"Can we be in this conversation?" They said it at the exact same time, so I guess that they have been friends for a long time. Have you ever triend to say the same as your friend, at the same time? I have... Many times

"Just talk" Justin look at them like they were idiots. I laught a bit.

"Can we go..." my telephone rang and prevented Justin from saying the sentence finish.

"I'm sorry. It's my mom" I apologize and takes phone.


"Hey mom."

"Where are you?" She sounded worried

"I'm walking with some sweet guys"

"Okay... But come home before 15:45. I have planed something for us" I looked at the clock and it was about 10:30

"Yea, I will. See you"

"See you"


"I'm so sorry. I'm here together with my mom."

"Oh... Do you need to go now?" Justin sound worried

"No. I just need to be back at the hotel at 15:45" I can see a little smile growing on his lips

"Okay" He give me a hug and guess what... I like it.

"You was saying something before" I reminds him

"oh, yea..."

"What was it?"

"I forgot, but I know that if was something about you and me alone" He smile a nervously smile.

"That sounds good. Please try to remember" I'm so happy right now, I guess he likes me...

"Ehm..." He slowly says "NOW I REMEMBER!" I bet that everyone around us could hear him. Chaz and Ryan just laught, while they walk by Justin's side. They talk together, but I don't know about what.

"Can we go home to me?" I don't know why i should say no.

"Yes, that could be nice" We both smile and i start to follow him.






I have some think to do. But I think I'll updage soon, and if I have time I'll post another today :)

If you want to write this story with me just ask and we can talk about it :)

I love you guys <3

Thank for reading!








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