Nothing Like You And Me <3

16 year old Josephine lives together with her mom while her dad is soldier in a war, and one day something happen... One day the whole life was shit. She met a boy one time. He disappeared. What was she supposed to do? She just knew that every time she was trying to forget him, her feelings got stronger.


2. A break from everything


You worked two jobs,
To keep a roof above our heads,
You chose a life for me,
Now you never gave up,
I admire you for the strength

you've instilled in me...



I'n the present was... 2 fly tickets to Canada!

”OMG! But Josephine... how did you got all the money?”

”I worked a lot. I wanted you and dad to have some sparetime alone, you know, some pease from work and stuff.”

”But dad isn't here more so, will you take with me? We need some time alone with no school and no work. Good idea?”


I was really happy to hear that. And she was right, we need some time away from everything here. We need a break. Time to realise that my dad is dead, and that it's gonna be really hard in the future. My mom have a lot of jobs, but she don't get a lot of money, I need to work too, but when you're 16 years old there's a lot of other things on your mind... trust me. But anyway I'm gonna help my mom, so we can keep living in this haus.

It's an end af a good time, and a beginning of a hard life. Maybe some bills that be cant paid, but I'll do anything to see a smile on my mother's face. I'll do anything to see her happy. I'll do anything to make sure that she's in a good mood all the time.


”Thank you mom! It's the best idea EVER! I love you!”

”I love you to”


We sad on the stairs in a while, and no one said a word. I'm happy as long as she's happy, and I know she is, couse this time her smile is 100% real. I can see that. A tear was roling down her cheek, a tear of joy. Normaly I only see her crying because of happines when my dad comes home from Isreal. I always get a speciel feeling when I see a tear of joy, especially when it's from my mom.


After a while she asked me ”when is our airplane going?”

And I anweard with a smile on my face ”Tomorrow night”

”We need to get ready!”

”Yea! let's go!”

”SWAG!” My mother screamed.


She is like a teenager, many teenagers think that it's strange to have such a mother, but I LOVE it! We can talk about almost everything... But somethings I rather talk to my friend called Jessie about. I only have one friend, but I think it's nice to have one that NEVER tells your secrets and NOT 10 who tell it to everyone...

At the end of the day, my mom and me was halfways with packing to tomorrow. We was on a restaurant at night, and we ate until we almost got sick! But when we went home, we started thinking of my dad again. It wasn't a great feeling, and I hope that the war would just end right now...

We went to bed and on the picture I have of my dad I wrote 'Rest In Pease. I Love You <3' When I prayed to God. I told him to take care of my dad, and I asked him three questions.

1. Why did my dad had to die?

2. What is my mom and me supposed to do now?

3. Can I ever be normal?

I know that God will help me through this.

I know that something special is going to happen on this travel.

And I know that bad things happen, so good things can happen later.


Am I right? Or do I just think I am? Do you agree with me?

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