*Only One Direction* ( Sequel To Which Direction )

After Hailey and Alexis are married.. More dramatic things appear. Keep reading for more ----I still suck at descriptions.


6. We can go home!

Allie's POV-
We are going home today kids. Daddy said. YAAAY! Me and my brother both yelled. Daddy carried me because I was too big for my carrier. He put me down and held my hand and I held Todd's and we all walked out of the big place. Mommy and Daddy were holding hands. And Uncle Harry was holding Todd's hand and Aunt Hailey was holding Uncle Harry's hand. I was excited we were going home! Daddy put me into a car seat. It was a "taxi" with car seats. A big taxi . Todd and I sang to daddy's song in the car. That What Make Yuuu Bootiful!!!! We both giggled. We finally got home.

Alexis's POV-
I was excited to be home. I haven't seen the dogs in days. I picked up Todd and started to carry him . Everyone followed behind. I unlocked the doors. The dog's got out and ran down the road. Oh No! We lived in kind of a forest area. The dogs usually run around without a leash , but not during mating season. I put Todd in the house, Niall stay with the kids. Hailey, you're coming with me. Lets go look. We brought flash lights. I started running up the road with Hailey. We heard a noise.. It sounded like a moose, or something. We just let it go and kept walking. We smelt something GROSS. So we plugged out nose. After a few minutes, we KNEW something was watching and following us. We slowely turn around to see A HUGE ----------------------------------------------

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