*Only One Direction* ( Sequel To Which Direction )

After Hailey and Alexis are married.. More dramatic things appear. Keep reading for more ----I still suck at descriptions.


9. Success!

Alexis's POV-
I was playing Call Of Duty with Niall eating Dorito's. We had the Nacho flavor! It was good. In the middle of the game, I got a phone call. I paused the game. "Why'd you do that?!" Niall whines. I laugh. The nurse call's me. Yes ma'm. Thank you. I hung up. "Niall, we have to go pick up a giant box, and Alex." I tell him. "Why the big bo-" I cut him off with a kiss on the lips. He smiles.. " Well, I should talk more." He says. I laugh at him. "Lets go!" I say excited.

Niall's POV-
I got in the car with Alexis. "So where are we going first?" I ask her. "Dollerstore." She says. I nod.. We get into the parking lot of the store. "Wait here babe." She informs me. I nod and just sing until she comes back 15 minutes later. She had a huge, long blue box. It was pretty big. "Wow, big enough?" I ask her. She laughs.. We get to the vet.. She brings Alex out.. I smile. "Hi Buddy!!" I yell trying to make him excited. I was happy he was home. When we got home, we put Alex in a nice box. We left it in the living room...

Hailey's POV-
I was hanging out with Harry. Talking about our past. I heard Alexis scream my name. I ran down the stairs. There was a huuggeee box. I looked at her with a -Can-I-Open-It face. She nods and I start opening from the front. I open it and out walks Alex! I yell. "ALEX!!!" . Alex started licking me. I hugged Niall and Alexis.


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