*Only One Direction* ( Sequel To Which Direction )

After Hailey and Alexis are married.. More dramatic things appear. Keep reading for more ----I still suck at descriptions.


12. Our Night. (14+) / Fun!

Niall's POV-
I was laying in bed when Alexis randomly walked in. I was about to get up and give her pay back. But when I stood up she spoke to me. "Wait, Wait, Wait , Stop! The kids are gone..We're alone.." She said. "Ohh I see..." I say catching on. After she takes off her top, she only had a bra on. Then I started to kiss her, slipping my toung into her mouth. We grinded for a good 15 minutes. "Niall, I can't hold off any longer!" She said taking breaths. I totally agreed. I put on a condom and pulled down her and mine pants. One she and I were fully naked. I put "it in and thrusted.

Harry's POV-
I was building a lego tower when Allie and Todd walk over. "Hi Uncle Harry!" They both yell. I laugh. "Hello you two!" I reply. "Can we help?" Asked Todd. I nodded and they started adding blocks until it was taller than them both. "It's gonna fall!" Todd yelled running out of the way. I grabbed Allie and went over by Todd. When it fell, we all laughed. Hailey called us for dinner. "Dinner is Mac and Cheese!" "Yay!" We all yelled. During dinner, Allie had aa noodle on her chin. "Distraction Noodle!!" She yelled. I went into histerics. "Who taught you that?" I asked still laughing. "Todd!!" She said. "Who taught you Todd?" I ask. "Daddy!" He yells. "Who taught daddy?" I asked. "Mommy"! Allie yelled. "Do you know who taught mommy?" I ask. "Yes. Auntie Hailey did!" She said laughing. "Well Well Well.... It was you!" I say laughing at Hailey.  

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