*Only One Direction* ( Sequel To Which Direction )

After Hailey and Alexis are married.. More dramatic things appear. Keep reading for more ----I still suck at descriptions.



BEAR!!! I was about to scream, but Hailey covered my mouth. Hailey always lived in Ingonish. So she knew what to do when something was about to attack. But she never encountered a BEAR. Only moose and kyotes. We are suppose to back up slowely. Dont make any noise . I decided we just shouldn't move so maybe it wouldnt see us. They arent T-Rex's you know? Hailey whispered to me. I knew we were gonna get hurt. I heard Hallie bark and growl from very far up the road. The bear growled and started coming toward us.

Niall's POV-
They are taking long..Whenever the dog's are out, they usually catch them by now.. Im sure it's nothing mate. Says Liam. I nod and just paste back and forth.. It's been almost a hour now. I was getting worried.. I heard scratches at the door . It was Hallie and Alex. I opened the door. They were spinning in circles. Im following them! I yell to everyone. Take this! Louis says. He throws a pocket knife to me. Thanks. I say and start to follow the dogs. I look around pointing the flashlight in the darkness. It was pitch black... No street lights. The dogs started running up the road more. I grunting and growls. I got out my pocket knife, going as slow as I can. I look around a bush and see a huge bear.. And blood. I drop. I get back up, tears still flowing from my cheeks. Maybe it's not the girls. I hear a PSSSSTTT. I look across the dirt road and see the girls hiding. My eyes widen. I put my finger up to my lips and making sure they stay quiet. I pull out my knife. Then I jump out of the bush, Stabbing the bear as much as I can. I see that the bloody object is just skin. I start to wonder but keep stabbing the bear. It finally dies. I look at the dogs. I see a peice of skin gone of Alex and I wrap my coat around the bloody side. I hug the girls. Making sure they were with me. I bring them back home, followed by the dogs...

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