*Only One Direction* ( Sequel To Which Direction )

After Hailey and Alexis are married.. More dramatic things appear. Keep reading for more ----I still suck at descriptions.


11. Getting Through Hard Times.

Allie's POV-
Mommy, where is Alex and Hallie?! I ask. "Well, sweetie..They went to doggy heaven today." She says. "Oh, are they coming back?" Mommy started to sigh ..She picked me up and brought me to daddy. "Hi Daddy!" I yelled. He laughed. "Hey sweetie!" He replied. I giggled for a minute and he put me down and I went to play with Todd.

Alexis's POV-
After Niall put Allie down, he walked over to me. He held my waist and started kissing my neck. "Not now Nialler!" I say pushing him away laughing.  "But why not?" He asked. "Ugh, you are so eager! Because, the kids are awake and Harry and Hailey are here!" I say laughing. "Fine, but I will get you for that!" He said. I kissed his nose and walked over to Hailey.

Hailey's POV-
"Hey" Alexis said walking over to me. "Hi!" I said happily. She laughed. "Wanna go do something? I need to get out of the house for a'bit. Niall is eager." She told me laughing at the last part. "Well, if you want..Me and Harry can take the kids to our place..." I said. They deserve some "Alone Time" because we are always here! "That would be great!" She said excitedly. "I will go pack the kids suit case. They are staying the night! I say jumping! "Okay thanks!" She replies. I nod and pack the kids clothes.

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