I Promise

A little girl's promises to her father, who just died.


1. Dear Daddy....

Dear Daddy,


I made a book of promises to my daddy. I love my daddy. He told me he will always keep his promises, so I will keep mine. 


I promise I will never ever talk to a stranger

Especially if I feel like there could be danger.

I promise I will always tell the truth

Even if it hurts me or you.

I promise I will always turn off the bathroom light,

When I go to bed at night.

I promise I will keep my promises too...

As long as I believe in you

Daddy, I promise that I will never leave your sight

I will stay on with all my might,

A man told me you won't be coming home,

Have you left me on my own?

Daddy... I love you... I love you,

Do you love me too?

Maybe one day we will meet again,

I promise I will hug you then

So until the time where we meet again,

I'll keep my my promises to you Daddy.


I miss you.....

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