My twin

When Millie's parents die it was Millie's job to stay strong but when all hell brakes lose because she goes to stay with her brother will millie runaway or stay strong find out in my twin!!!!


1. Packing

Chapter 1
Millie's pov

"I'm going to have to pack" I said to my BFF Kate as she sat on the floor "why do you have to go " she asked nagging me not to go "Kate I have to go my brother and his 4 friends are waiting for me I said "yeah all the way in England and the flight will be so boring ! and you will miss the one direction concert - Kate continued to blab on about what I would miss in my own thoughts I was pretty exited to be going to meet my brother I would have never knew about him if my parents hadn't have died I looked over at the picture of my mum and dad they had died in a plane crash in 1987 when I was 3 . So it was aunty who had saved me from being homeless and poor "Millie are you even listing to me " Kate asked "um no " I said smiling. Kate evil eyed me in curiosity "have you thought about how your going to tell Nathan this " Kate looked shocked as I shook my head. "Maybe he will take it easy " I said looking scared Nathan was my (so called boyfriend ) but he hits me and kicks me on the floor and more than you can imagine happens to me from him "Millie maybe you shouldn't tell him " Kate said "I wish I could come with you " Kate moaned.

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