My twin

When Millie's parents die it was Millie's job to stay strong but when all hell brakes lose because she goes to stay with her brother will millie runaway or stay strong find out in my twin!!!!


2. Hands off

Chapter 2
Harry's pov

"My aunty just sent me a text " Harry said looking over at Liam "she doesn't know that we are 1D so we have to surprise her " Harry said smiling "alright " Liam said "Oh I love to surprises " Zayn said coming down the stairs "not for for you mate" Harry said "who for ?" Zayn asked "my sister " Harry said "oh the one that is coming to visit us" Zayn asked "yes and she doesn't know we are 1D " Harry explained every thing to the boy's so they were ready. "Is your sister hot " Liam asked "she's quite pretty" Harry said grabbing his phone out an howling Liam a picture "wow she's stunning " Liam said smiling "we'll mate hands of she's my sister and I don't want anyone touching her "alright I get it " Liam said disappointed "does it count if she likes me " Liam asked " I said she's my sister leave her alone and no it doesn't " Harry said back. Well all I have to do is to get her to like me Liam thought.

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