Waiting For Rain (One Direction)

Samantha Blake is your average 17 year old but she does not live in the average place. Her family live in a small town called Ashville where Sam, her siblings and a few other families are the only children. That's not the only thing though. It also hasn't rained for five years in Ashville despite the constantly grey skies and even far off lightning that they never hear the thunder of. For Sam life is boring until one dreary Saturday five teen boys move into the house next door. Sam's life immediately brightens, but only until she discovers that the boys have a dark secret that could either destroy Ashville or save it.


8. The Hunter is Coming

Niall's POV

At the clearing we were still trying to work out how to move Louis' quickly deteriorating body when I heard a wolf's scampering footfalls echoing throughout the forest.  Why would Harry be back so soon?  Had he found the attacker?  It was unlikely, but possible.  Moments later, his wolf form came sprinting into the clearing barking his head off.  Harry quickly shifted; he hadn't quite mastered the technique of shifting as you run yet.

"There's a hunter in the woods," he panted breathlessly. "He's coming this way." I gasped.  Maybe he had hurt Louis thinking he was a normal wolf that could be brought back as game later once fully dead.  I immediately stood up, followed by Liam and Zayn, and we shifted, quickly followed by Harry.  Liam and Zayn shuffled Louis' body just out of the clearing; they were the strongest in the pack after all.  Harry and I stood guard, watching and listening for footsteps in the inching silence.

No one came and I looked at Harry warily.  Was there really a hunter coming? Could it just have been a person on a walk?  My train of thought was rudely interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps.  A man, probably about 45 years old, was walking through the forest.  It was most likely a hunter.  Shit.

The footsteps grew closer, closer, closer until they were only a mere twenty metres away.  We had to get out, but we couldn't leave Louis or he would surely be taken as game.  I felt my heart rate quicken with adrenalin as Liam and Zayn joined us on guard listening to the footsteps.  If this didn't go to our favour we could be dead in seconds. 

Harry was panting hard, I could feel his fast heart beat.  Liam was calm, but I knew inside he was freaking out.  Zayn, as usual had a calm composure, but his fear was less hidden than Liam's and his heart rate was racing even Harry's.

That's when I heard it. The footsteps clearing ground only five metres from the clearing. The hunter could probably see us, smell us, hear our breathing; we were stuffed. I stiffened and saw the boys do the same. This was it.

His face was shadowed but his body stood out. A stockily built man, middle aged, a rifle aimed at my head. I saw a collection of knives hanging from his leather belt, one of them covered in dry blood; Louis' blood.

Sam's POV

I stepped onto the bus warily; what if the boys were waiting for me?  They hadn't answered the door when I knocked this morning and Cathy and John had both already left for work.  What if something was seriously wrong?  There was nothing out of the ordinary outside the house, except Harry's school bag under the garden chair, but what was so bad about that? He probably just left it there after school or one of the others had left it outside as a prank.  Maybe they had just left for school early and Harry took a different bag?

Yeah, they had probably just left early.

One problem: that thought bubble was popped when I arrived to homeroom and the boys were nowhere to be seen.  I could excuse them for not being at the lockers, but if they weren't at homeroom then they had to be away.


This thought invaded my mental capacity for the next three lessons.  Why did I care so much? I didn't even know.  It was probably just some family issue I had no right to pry into.

Zayn's POV

Niall was growling under his breath subconsciously and standing slightly behind him I was scared out of my wits. Even with a mitigated sense of fear in wolf form I was still scared as shit at the thought of being shot straight through the head.

"So, what did you do with your little friend, wolves?" the hunter laughed; he could tell we were different. Mainly from the way we stood our guard when he approached whereas most wolves would have just run away whimpering, which is exactly what I wanted to do now.

Niall growled at him, baring his sharp talons of teeth and lunging forward slightly.  I saw Harry retract on himself; he had always been more sensitive about violence, just as I was.  I knew Niall and Liam would, if the hunter made a sudden move, pounce and rip him to shreds.  It was in their nature.  It would be up to Harry and I to stop the fight, as it was usually when the boys fought between each other.

While Niall had a staring competition with the hunter, ready to run at any moment, realisation spread through me like blood running through veins.  With my human memories dulled I hadn't realised who the hunter was.  Under closer inspection, the stocky build and stubbled chin all fit into one puzzle:

The hunter was Sam's dad.

I stood in shock at the realisation.  One by one the others seemed to realise as well, and by the time Niall realised his growl turned to a whimper and he took a tentative step back, forcing us all back with him.  The hunter let out a hearty laugh in defeat.

"I don't know what just happened, but don't you worry.  When I find out who you really are you will pay for what you have done, just like your little friend did." Shit, he really did know.  At least he didn't know our human identities, otherwise he would actually flip. "I'll be back, wolves," the hunter spat before turning on his heel and sassing away and I couldn't help but let out a laugh at his cheesiness.

Evidently the others weren't so happy.  Niall was still staring in the direction the hunter had walked away growling, and Liam was stopped dead in his tracks, barely moving.  Harry had sat down and was whimpering so quietly I could barely hear it.

"Guys!" I barked at them, quite literally. "We have to get Lou home!"  With that Niall seemed to snap from his trance and Harry picked his whimpering self up.  Liam came back to reality and they all followed me to where Louis was still lying on the ground, only now back as a human.  Thank goodness for werewolves relatively quick healing, I was just irritated it didn't work sooner.  I stepped forward and nuzzled my nose into Louis' palm to hopefully wake up the now sleeping boy.

Louis' POV

Everything was black but I couldn't bring myself to open my eyes despite the cold wet whatever it was nuzzling into my right palm.  I squeezed my eyes shut tighter, silently willing the wet thing to go away, but when that didn't work I was forced to painfully blink my eyes open.  Towering above me stood four wolves, one grey, one brown, one golden, and the one stepping back from me was black.  I smiled as I sat up to be near eye level with the wolves.

"Hi boys," I smiled.  Suddenly the brown wolf, Harry, pounced forward to sit in my lap, licking my face like a dog. "Hey, Hazz, calm down," I laughed as he tickled, but instantly stopped when I asked.  He trotted off and shifted back to being the curly haired, green eyed Harry I loved just as much as wolf Harry.  Liam was the next closest and offered me a hand to stand up.  He pulled me up easily just as Niall and Zayn shifted and now we stood in a lopsided circle just staring at one another.

"Is there really any point in going to school today?" Niall whined like he really didn't want to go, and I couldn't help laughing my head off, but luckily the others joined in simultaneously.  We headed back home in the midday sun and spent the rest of the day lounging about watching Teen Wolf repeats and laughing at the cheesiness.

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