Waiting For Rain (One Direction)

Samantha Blake is your average 17 year old but she does not live in the average place. Her family live in a small town called Ashville where Sam, her siblings and a few other families are the only children. That's not the only thing though. It also hasn't rained for five years in Ashville despite the constantly grey skies and even far off lightning that they never hear the thunder of. For Sam life is boring until one dreary Saturday five teen boys move into the house next door. Sam's life immediately brightens, but only until she discovers that the boys have a dark secret that could either destroy Ashville or save it.


3. The House

I followed obediently to the door farthest to the end but my rowdy 'conscience' was red with fury screaming to just open all the darn doors already.  I peeked through the gap between Zayn and Niall's virtually opposite heads; Zayn with his gelled raven quiff and Niall's golden tresses.  THe sticky note was scrawled in messy cursive and from what I could tell read 'Bathroom'.  Liam was rambling on about something and I caught only a quick glance of the bathroom when he opened and closed the door swiftly then ran ahead to the next room which, conveniently, had his name on it.

Liam creaked open the door to reveal a carpeted room with cream walls. Dotted around were various posters: Leona Lewis, other female models and singers, and...Toy Story? On a shelf beside the bed were little Toy Story figurines and stacked beside a portable TV were the Toys Story moves themselves.

"Liam has a little...obsession," Harry whispered in my ear and I giggled just because it tickled so much.

"I heard that," Liam shot back giving Harry a death glare.

"Moving on," Zayn changed the subject not-so-subtly and ushered us to the next room which belonged to Niall and he proudly took over the tour.

"So, this is my place," Niall had a slight Irish accent, which suited him perfectly, unlike the others. In fact, their accents all had slightly different tones.

Niall's room was completely different to Liam's: Dark wooden floorboards, white walls and a modern blue light fitting something like an artwork. On a stand in the corner was a guitar with a pile of sheet music beside it, and there were lots of shiny soccer trophies and medals lined up along the wide window sill.

"Do you play much?" I asked, scooping up the sheet music off the floor and shuffling through the pile. "Whoa," My jaw dropped at what I saw. Coming from a musical background myself I knew that these were extremely hard pieces to master. In my peripheral vision I saw Niall's cheeks turning rose pink in the doorway as he smiled bashfully at the floor.

"NEXT ROOM!!!" Louis broke the awkward silence resonating around the room and sprinted out. We all followed him to the next room where the door was wide open and Louis was jumping on the blue and white stripy covered bed matching the walls and curtains.

"Someone else has an obsession," I giggled to Harry who chuckled back. Louis room was all blue and white stripes but anything non-stripy was red. The light fitting, desk chair, bedside table and pillows were all the same firetruck red and everything else was either white, blue, or the stripy thing I already mentioned. The only thing not stripy was the floor, or so I thought until I looked down to see striped dark and light timber flooring. It was like being in an optical illusion! Louis hadn't unpacked many personal belongings yet except for some grade six piano music. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself.

"What's so funny?" Louis rushed over to me, eyebrows raised in question.

"Oh, nothing, I'm just two grades above you," I pointed to the books still smirking in triumph that I was better than him. I had always had a very strong competitive streak.

"Oh." We swiftly moved to Harry's room which was the plainest I'd seen yet. He had grey carpets and the same cream walls as Liam. His black desk was complimented with a orange chair and it looked like a Halloween prop. The bed was an average wooden frame with orange covers, and the only things on the walls were a few photos of family and friends. Other than that Harry hadn't unpacked much.

Last was Zayns's room, which already had a 'Z' made of mirror stuck to the black door; all the other doors were just plain old white. Zayn opened his door slowly like he didn't want anyone to see, but when the door opened fully it was clear that the room was completely unpacked unlike the others.

As for the room itself it had deep grey walls and black shiny timber floor with a rectangular zebra print rug in the middle. The bed was made of metal, painted black and had red covers. Around it was a collection of mirrors in various shapes and sizes, and leading on from the mirrors was a series of framed photos; their family, just the boys, and Zayn by himself. There were also many photos dotted around the room as well, many of which were of a couple I didn't recognise, but the man looked much like Zayn from what I could tell. Also in the room was a white desk with a black top, red desk chair and a white wardrobe that I could tell was spilling with clothes.

As we came downstairs chatting politely a room caught my attention: the living room. It was blue and white themed but the blue was a soft medium azure kind of blue, and the white was slightly off. Even the baby grand piano with Fur Elise witting on the shelf was the same blue. Blue walls with white framed family photos spotted the walls and the TV bench and side cabinet were white also, plus there was a blue couch adorned with blue and white cushions.

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